10,000 SQUAT Challenge in 30 Days | Joanna Soh

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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♥ Joanna is a certified Personal Trainer (ACE), Women’s Fitness Specialist (NASM) and Nutrition Coach.

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Joanna Soh:

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Our goal is to complete 10,000 Squats in 30 Days! That means we'll be doing 335 squats a day for the next 30 days. Let's do this!!

1) Basic Squat x50
2) Squat Pulses x30
3) Squat Jump x15
4) Pile Squat x30
5) Pile Squat Pulses x30
6) Narrow to Wide Squat Jump x15
7) Narrow Squat x30
8) Narrow Squat Pulses x 30
9) Low Squat Jump x30
10) Squat with Side Leg Raise x30
11) 180 Degree Rotational Squat x15
12) Squat hold – 30 secs


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  • Becky Silky says:

    Wow! she’s really stronger than she looks and she makes everything look so simple. I’m still recovering from doing 100 squats daily for 30 days.

  • Melodysenpie says:

    My legs hurt just by looking at this

  • 4786gautam says:

    Impossible for beginners, wont be able to walk next day.

  • BIGGEST FAN OF KAKKAR _Official Account says:

    ME : aww easyy i can do
    MIND : r u sure ?
    ME : yes .why not

  • Real Wealth says:

    hi johana
    I am 17 year old girl
    because of your video
    I lost 15kg weight
    before 68, now 53kg
    thank you so much😘🙏💓👏

  • Moonlight Pencil says:

    Who else is feeling the burn for her just watching!?

  • Tikky Tk says:

    Oh my goddddddd… You are so crazy, Joanna. I just finished 335 squats by following your video. Let’s see how i can walk tomorrow.

  • Mighty Marg says:

    DID IT!!!!!! 😅 finished day 30 – I am so proud 👍
    10,000 squats seemed insane but in 335 daily doses it is doable. I am a mature overweight women – so hang in there – you can do it too.
    My squats have gotten so much better in form and depth. Still not getting the 180 rotation fully for the 15 reps but getting closer.

  • Grace Reyes says:

    Man I did just 100 one day and couldn’t walk for a week

  • Özlem Pamuk says:

    how can you continue to talk till the END! you are tough!

  • kelly nunya says:

    Is it bad that I did 2 and fell on my side

  • Cinderella Hipolito says:

    I’m struggling to get through the first 50 squats! Haha! I’m starting this challenge today, and hopefully I can carry it out for the next 29 days. Wonderful video, by the way. :)))

  • Haroon Malik says:

    Oh my God! 😲
    you are just wow.
    how did you do that I’ve never seen such a strong girl.

  • Krishna Lal Shrestha says:

    This is my second day and I’m so happy. 1st day I did only 130 and second day 335 so happy.oh my god.

  • Apple Mine says:

    Challenge Accepted huhuhu
    It’s makes my butt and thigh grow…tnx

  • mn radha says:

    I tried but first day full leg pains after that ok

  • Penelope Maloba says:

    if you can see my face.. m dripping sweat ud swear I’m doin emm correctly😂😂… help

  • MR. DIMPLE says:

    I only watch this while lay on bed😁

  • Win Samson says:

    She deserves my one like on this video. Super strong! Super Saiyan! 😂💪

  • nikhil choudhary says:

    Johanna me also a beginner it was my first day
    Is there need of any other exercise after this ?
    It was just 🤮 painful
    Plz guide me

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