10,000 Indoor STEP🚶‍♀️Challenge (Burn Calories!) | Joanna Soh

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10,000 Indoor Step Challenge (Burn Calories!) | Joanna Soh
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Your challenge this time is to hit 10,000 STEPS DAILY!!
It takes an average of 100 mins of slow walk to hit 10,000 steps or an average of 70 mins of vigorous walk to hit 10,000!

Here is a 30-Min Indoor Step Workout to help you achieve your daily step goal!! I clocked in just over 4,000 steps by doing this workout and burned over 220 calories. Do this challenge twice daily and also choose to walk more when you are out and about running your daily chores or work.

Walking can be as good as a workout, if not better, than running. I would highly recommend walking because it is a low impact and safe workout, especially for those who are extremely overweight or might have knee injuries.

Know this, walking CAN get your heart pumping, muscles working, and fat burning—all of the things that a real workout is meant to achieve.

So let's start WALKING and hit at least 10,000 steps daily. Are you with me?


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10,000 Indoor Step Challenge (Burn Calories!) | Joanna Soh

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  • Lou Zurr says:

    Darling, you look as lovely as ever.

  • soumii soumss says:

    Eager to do this i love doing indoor walking❤❤❤

  • Celine Baby says:

    How many calories burn?

  • theFitty says:

    💪 *great for those rainy or really snowy days that you can’t get outside! 🙂 thank you for this chat and easy indoor exercise, Joanna.*

  • Wandaful Inspirations says:

    GM J! What an amazing low impact workout that’s great for my mom who is new to fitness. She’s going to luv your awesome energy. Tx so much for sharing! Light & Love 💕 Also plz advz what sneakers you’re rocking. Tx

  • SimplyEdhiiee vlogs says:

    This is just what i needed I guess. I recently bought a fitness band coz I want to take baby steps on my fitness goal by tracking my steps daily plus monitor my sleep. Will probably try this work out. Join the 30 and days challenge. We can do this..

  • Asja Asuja Shadow says:

    Joanna Soh thank you for uploading this video. your my favorite youtuber! Your videos always motivate me!

  • Yana VLOGS says:

    Thank you for this Joanna 💕 I really want to have a walking or jogging exercise but I cannot do it here in PH since I live in the City and there’s pollution everywhere. Plus Im taking care of 2 tods. Im following you workouts for about 2 weeks now and I feel great. I’m obese, and I always feel heavy but now I feel that I am lighter. Thank you so much 😘

  • adjfo says:

    I’ll accpet this challenge! I haven’t dedicated to working out because of my depression, muscle soreness… I used to sit almost all day long and I am worried about my health status. Please support me!!🙆

    • adjfo says:

      @Janice Yana you’re welcome!! Never give up👊💪!!! Let’s conquer the unhealthy life style!!:)

    • girlyghoul says:

      Another passenger in the same boat here. Been doing a lot of sitting and staring. Bad knees, low energy, mental health in the toilet for far too ling. I’m sitting watching Joanna now to see the extent of this workout, but I feel like I can do it. If I can’t do the whole thing at once, I’ll do as much as I can and build on it each day. We can do this!! You are not alone!!

    • Talitha Getty says:

      You can do it , just start small till you get your confidence back , then you can build on that , you’ll feel great when you start moving , both mentally and physically xx

    • adjfo says:

      @girlyghoul There you go!!!! I am really inspired by your cheerful comment!!! 🙆💪 YOU GOT THIS!!

    • PerrySport says:

      @adjfo Buy a Wii Fitt👍

  • adjfo says:

    And also, can you include warm up stretch and cool down stretch in the next video? Thank you💜

  • MissChatterbox says:

    Love this please more of these they are perfect

  • Ayesha Nasir says:

    Hi! I delivered via c-section 45 days ago can I start this now? Or shud I wait for another 2 weeks or 2 months before starting?
    Thanks alot!

  • Tina P says:

    This was a nice workout but I’m not sure how knew friendly it is. It started out as a low impact walking workout into lunges and more of a HIIT workout at times.

  • Julio César Gómez Núñez says:

    beautiful and inspiring as always, hi from Dominican Republic.

  • Carol says:

    Thank you! I have been really depressed lately and not feeling like doing any of the heavy workouts I used to do… I’ve gained weight and lost perspective. This seems like the perfect way to get back on track. Thank you again so much for the incredible work you have been doing all these years. God bless!

  • Mary Lambert says:

    Thank you! I had a sinus infection and then got the flu right after sho this is perfect to get me back into things!

  • Srishti Bajaj says:

    oh wow!! this is smthng new..

  • scooterose100 says:

    I will be doing this one thank you!

  • Evita Eiduka says:

    Absolutely love this workout, it’s so fun to do and I didn’t feel how time flew by <3

  • Hannifah batanzi says:

    I love this it looks fun can’t wait to start tomorrow

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