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At Sharecare, our mission is to help each person build a longer, better life by enabling health transformation at the individual, organizational and community level. Through our comprehensive platform, we enable people to go from assessment to action, and connect to the personalized information, evidence-based programs, benefits, community resources and health services they need to live their best lives.

Created by digital health pioneer, Jeff Arnold, and cardiothoracic surgeon and Emmy award winning TV personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Sharecare is the leading digital health company that helps people – no matter where they are in their health journey – dynamically and easily manage all of their health in one place. Grounded in our philosophy that sustained engagement requires a thoughtful combination of high-tech and high-touch, Sharecare provides the messaging, motivation, management and measurement that drives behavior change, and makes care more accessible and affordable for everyone.
Designed to help people, workforces and communities optimize their wellbeing, our interoperable platform integrates fragmented user-friendly experience that engages people in all aspects of their health. From medication adherence and managing a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease to developing better eating habits, improving sleep and reducing stress, Sharecare supports each individual through the lens of their personal health journey and connects them to the right stakeholders at the right time. Simply put, Sharecare is empowering people to improve their wellbeing and make a positive impact on where they work, live and play, while helping employers, health plans and health systems drive measurable outcomes and close gaps in care for their populations.


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