Make others better by spreading true happiness.

By Jean Laguerre | Happiness

Make Everyone Happy

Happiness is one of the words that are hard to define. Being happy is being contented, feeling good about yourself, a feeling of completeness. You feel relaxed you just feel good. It makes you want to spread that feeling of true happiness. You want others to experience that good feeling too.

As you look to create more happiness in your life, it’s important to spread true happiness to those around you as well. When you spread happiness not only does it make others feel better, it makes your life better too. When you make someone happy you find yourself feeling even happier.

Spreading happiness

You might be asking yourself, why should we spread true happiness? It seems that we have forgotten the power of true happiness. We live in a world that is constantly changing and where we are forced to follow if we want to survive.

We don’t or won’t make time for ourselves let alone our families. We have forgotten what it feels to be happy, to smile, to breathe. We have no space for peace and calmness. We have forgotten that a small act of kindness is worth more than all the money in the world.

How can we spread happiness?

As most of us have forgotten what happiness feels like, we can begin spreading happiness by doing small acts of kindness such as:

• Listening

There are many people young and old who just need someone to talk to and nothing else. This small act of kindness will bring a smile to their face and bring a feeling of happiness to both you and them.

• Say good morning

Simple things like saying good morning to a stranger can bring happiness. By giving happiness, it will motivate them to spread happiness too.

• Volunteering

Giving your time by helping others who are less fortunate will give you happiness and spread happiness to all those around you as well.

• Return the favor

When someone does something nice for you, return the favor. When someone is nice to you it makes you feel happy. Why not do the same for others?

• Strive to help others

Wherever you are, ask those around you if there’s anything you can do to help them. A simple gesture shows that you are kind and caring. Lending a helping hand is part of living a happier life and making those around you happier.

For those who know me well, know I am really one of the happiest people in the world.

You can be too if you know the truth you will be free, even become a problem solver. And why not joint me in the challenge to see more people:

Get healthy-Be Happy and Feel Secure.

Those are beautiful things indeed.

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See you on the other side.

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