Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On Her Feelings Towards Her Castmates

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Dr. Oz and Lark Voorhies On Her Feelings Towards Her Castmates

"I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt."

"Saved by the Bell" star Lark Voorhies joins me Wednesday to discuss her mental health, as well as her feelings about not being included in an upcoming reboot of the show.

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  • Bria Barrows says:

    She knows what she wants to say but she struggles with saying it. That must be so frustrating.

  • Bria Barrows says:

    She is very articulate despite her illness.

  • Sas Thyme says:

    So glad she’s improving, she seems to have such a kind energy. Wish they included her, it would have probably done her wonders.

    • Katie Pojer says:

      Sas Thyme yes my dear friend is bipolar type one. Took her about three years to really recover

    • NATsoHIGH ! says:

      Another person with no sense.
      You want a mentally fragile person who’s mental state started to crack on that show to return WHILE she’s still mentally fragile ? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
      If she’d done the show I guarantee you would have heard about her suicide a few weeks later 🙈

    • Sas Thyme says:

      NATsoHIGH ! … and I have no sense. Reread your comment🙄.
      Being fragile suffering from bi polar does not make you obsolete. Doing something in life that creates a feeling of productivity is a sure fire way in improving the symptoms of the disorder. Having a medical practitioner supporting her abilities to tackle life is enough to know it’s safe for her to at least try. Feeling a sense of accomplishment is a powerful medicine. Acting is what she loves and does well, I’m quite sure getting back to work would help. She definitely needs support to stay on track, everyone close to her is in the know so there’s a significantly reduce chance of her spiralling as long as she continues her treatment.
      To come and throw your 2 pennies in as much as predicting triggers and suicide shows how senseless you actually are, not me.

    • Sas Thyme says:

      NATsoHIGH ! … with all your laughing face emojis, maybe you might need treatment for a mental issue, this subject matter isn’t humorous. I can’t see why a person of sane mind would have so much to laugh about concerning this matter, weird.
      Stop getting High.

    • NATsoHIGH ! says:

      @Sas Thyme laughing face emojis therefore I need mental treatment? Lord, no wonder mental health care systems are overrun. People putting mental health on others that don’t even have it. Considering you state its not a laughing matter, you have no issue with making light-hearted fun about me potentially having mental issues. The irony is strong with this one.

  • Chet Lindsay says:

    Dear Miss Voorhees, do not be pained because four has-beens chose to reunite and not include you. You are bigger than that and bigger than they.

  • Joanna Robinson says:

    I will not be watching any save by the bell reunion if she dont include her. Smh shame on those writers, producers etc etc

  • May says:

    She looks like she is about to cry. It’s so sad. Even with her struggles, she is looking great!

  • parisLuvs says:

    Wow that’s so shady they didn’t include her to participate.

    • Rayshawn Ross says:

      @Tiripsroirraw Thank You thats what I tried to explain to @NATsoHigh ! But he doesnt get it.

      Her job is not like a “Mcdonalds job” she was apart the cast and now they are having a reboot without her and Dustin.

      The reboot is gonna be based on them in an older aspect now how are they gonna have success with it without 2 of cast members that was there since the beginning.

      Thats like Wesley snipes making another blade movie without him in it. It wont work period! Lol!

    • parisLuvs says:

      NATsoHIGH ! I understand what you’re saying but she received no support whatsoever not even an ear to listen to her! No one reached out even to inquire about how she is doing so that’s shady.

    • Tiripsroirraw says:

      @Rayshawn Ross exactly, that’s like saying if one of the members from Metallica / The Supremes / Earth Wind And fire, got bad off sick, not of the members didn’t show support. Even though they’re not family, they are a group / brand. Same with ” Saved by the bell ‘ The OG cast which build their brand with Their characters with each other

    • Tiripsroirraw says:

      @parisLuvs agreed !!!!!!,

  • Todd Krajewski says:

    Even before I was diagnosed with PTSD (Combat) I always stood up for people with MI. Very few friends and not a single family member supported me. Many thought I was making it up and others just saw me as weak or lazy. Our society is currently in a very sad state in which ‘movements’ aren’t helping. Revolutions anyone!?!

  • Jus Me says:

    I would luv to see Lark back on tv. Lisa Turtle was a part of my childhood. Let her shine again hollywood, will have patience and understanding and build her career back up. So proud of you Lark. 🙂

  • KV J says:

    This is the true reality of mental illness. You are shunned, isolated, left when in fact you are at a point where you need people and compassion the most.

  • Christopher Angeli says:

    There’s something very authentic pure and innocent about Lark. She’s never mean to anybody and she’s been through a lot. She even still talks to Dustin Diamond who everyone hates. She’s too sweet for this world.

  • Tasha Little says:

    She is sweet and fragile and just needs some kindness and understanding, I’m sure she will flourish 💗💗. Sending love & 🙏 to ms. Lark

  • Carmen Belle says:

    She carries herself so well despite the touchy questions. She’s a class act, I used to idolize her as a kid and now I do even more.

  • glitterxmilk says:

    She handled herself with a lot of dignity and respect.

  • flipmode00 squad says:

    At the end of the day Screw those cast mate, IMO it was a collective agreement not to invite her, not even one of them made the effort to invite her. piss me off

  • Born Beaut-i-ful says:

    She’s still beautiful, and pray for her to get all the healing she needs

  • Shannon Perez says:

    She was my favorite person on the show. If she’s not there for the remake…. I can’t even watch it. ❤ Love you Lark! Stay powerful and strong! You have many fans that love you forever!

  • kim finklea says:

    She was a pioneer there weren’t too many black teenage girls in tv series back then

  • NewNails WhoThis says:

    She’s holding back the tears…I’m crying for her.

  • Dianne Marie says:

    She looks beautiful. I really don’t understand why she was not included in the reboot. It’s so sad that she is struggling with this terrible condition.

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