Your Top 4 Microwave Questions, Answered

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Your Top 4 Microwave Questions, Answered

Dr. Oz answers all your burning questions about your microwave, and zeros in on the secret science behind this kitchen essential. Go-to tester Rhenotha and celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito help get to the bottom of these serious microwave matters.

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  • Abu Huraira says:

    We humans have become dependent on plastic for a range of uses
    From packaging to products
    Reducing our use of plastic bags is an easy place to start getting our Addiction under control

  • Tara VanDeVen says:

    Thumbs down because I am disappointed that Dr Oz didnt speak the truth about how the microwaves put electromagnetic radiation into our food. kills all the nutrients or anything that has healthy energy in the food making the food like an empty non-nutrient filler essentially

  • COOKING FOR FUN اكلات متنوعة says:

    I make clotted cream in the microwave:) it is perfect, easy and fast ! Only in my channel:)

  • chingalachuga says:

    Screw microwaves, the ninja toaster oven changed my life

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