Your Pets And Covid-19

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Your Pets And Covid-19

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  • Delores Mascari says:

    My pets never go outside.

  • Delores Mascari says:

    Well ya, china has cats running free outside 24/7. 365

  • bartman22x1 says:

    Well I am sure they will take away those drugs to that treat animals !

  • Fiona says:

    The wet markets are open again

  • Diana Moore says:

    this scares me…i have three cats that stay inside with me in my apartment.

  • Mommy 805 says:

    Scary …. there’s a lot of stray cats roaming around everywhere😫

  • Isa isa says:

    Thank you @doctoroz as right now I seen people dumping their pets bc their are convinced the animal will pass this virus.

  • Skara shia says:

    Well sea creatures are protected from corona. Lucky them

  • Nina P says:

    Ppl please don’t give up your pets or take them to shelters because of this!!!!!!!they matter we need to keep them safe as well❤️

  • Adam Portner says:

    Went from animals to humans back to animals it can go back to humans

  • Sunflower Buddha says:

    The explosion of Covid-19 cases in the New York City area resulted largely from infected patients who flew in from Europe, genome scientists say.

    About two-thirds of the samples appear to have European origins, said Adriana Heguy, director of the Genome Technology Center at the medical center. The virus appears to have been imported to New York from the U.K. and several European countries, including France, Austria and the Netherlands, she said.

  • Bobby Urkevich says:

    Fame seeking oz is making me sick nothing else

  • Naturally Beautiful says:

    My cat 🐈 is indoor cat, my luna I will protect you, she’s my everything ❤️❣️❤️

  • Teri Jones says:

    BS hang on to ur pets! I have 15 pets I’ll be damned if I’m giving up on them. I am sick of the crap! Thanks CHINA, Kill Gates 🧐🤨

  • Teri Jones says:

    If u ever buy anything made in freaking China again u need to move there!!!!

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