Your COVID-19 Defense Plan

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Your Covid Defense Plan

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    Thank you for this


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  • Beth mcCoy says:

    I’m not sure about Dr oz since He is connected with Oprah

  • Beth mcCoy says:

    He might be connect3d to the rest the devils

  • Beth mcCoy says:

    Oprah was connected with Weinstein and Epstein

  • Altair IV says:

    My plan is to have someone like Tonya at bat for me. THIS IS NOT MY STORY, PLEASE DO NOT ATTRIBUTE IT TO ME.

    No one in the ICU wanted to debate Tonya for very long and that’s a good thing. 

    POSTED BY Tonya Green 47 minutes ago in response to a message regarding IV C.  @Altair IV you are correct. My husband had covid in August. Luckily I’m a lowly M.A but I have an 02 sensor in my home. When he said he felt like he was having a hard time catching his breath I tested him and his 02 sat was 85. I immediately took him to the hospital. They tested his 02 sats and it had dropped to 76. They wanted to put him on a ventilator and I said NO. They put him on Oxygen and got his 02 to come up to 89. After further testing he had a blood clot in his lung. They put him on elemis and I told them I wanted him on a Vitamin C and D3 IV. They tried to refuse me and I pushed, they finally did it. He came home 2 days later with oxygen and the blood thinner. 

    After 2 more days he was of all oxygen and was feeling great. I still give him D3 and Vitamin c everyday. Had I not been there he would have been put on a ventilator and they wouldn’t have given him the IV Vitamins either. He is 54, very overweight had high blood pressure and only one kidney. Today he’s doing great. My husband won’t stand up for himself or even me. I switched my advanced directive to my daughter who is an RN and a bulldog like me. I doubt I will get covid since I don’t wear a mask and he drank out of my drink everyday before he was diagnosed with covid and even after. When he came home neither of us wore masks around each other and slept in the same bed. So either I’m immune or I got it and was asymptomatic.

    Using too low of a dose of IV C and then claiming it does nothing has been the rule for the past 70 years or so. That is a fact.  Vitamin C officially recommended for the Covid-19 Virus, Dr. Susan E. Brown. M.D.

    >>”If a family member of mine died due to coronavirus infection, after a doctor refused to use intravenous vitamin C, I would challenge his or her treatment in a court of law. I would win.” (Kenneth Walker, MD, surgeon)<< Using Vitamin C as a Treatment, Dr. Richard Cheng, M.D. PhD.  ICU nurses discuss IV vitamin C therapy for sepsis  The Effects of Vitamin C in Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, JAMA Network

    “Given the rapid rate of success of intravenous vitamin C in viral diseases, I strongly believe it would be my first recommendation in the management of corona virus infections.”

    (Victor A. Marcial-Vega, MD) Puerto Rico

    “It is of great importance for all doctors to be informed about intravenous vitamin C. When a patient is already in hospital severely ill, this would be the best solution to help save her or his life.”

    (Karin Munsterhjelm, MD) Finland

    Winning the hospital game

    When faced with hospitalization, the most powerful person in the most entire hospital system is the patient. However, in most cases, the system works on the assumption that the patient will not claim that power. If on your way in you signed the hospital’s legal consent form, you can unsign it. You can revoke your permission. Just because somebody has permission to do one thing doesn’t mean that they have the permission to do everything. There’s no such thing as a situation that you cannot reverse. You can change your mind about your own personal healthcare. It concerns your very life. The rights of the patient override the rules of any institution.

    • um adam says:

      Thanks for sharing, whats the difference between a ventilator and oxygen? Doctors are willing to give vit c in the blood? Is it easy available for them? In the west or east ?

  • Beth mcCoy says:

    Thank the damn dems and china

  • Henry Romero says:

    That is so true, but true always for all viruses not just COVID.

  • phia rackeMari says:

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • DeAna Derrick says:

    2as 2bs and a c???

  • Wanda Allen says:

    D3 50,000
    25-50 mg zink
    Vit C
    Take this everyday

  • Regina Sanctissimi Rosarii - Mother of SALVATION: says:

    +++Their wicked plans also include a new global vaccination, which will create disease, all over the world.-THEBOOKOFTRUTH

  • Regina Sanctissimi Rosarii - Mother of SALVATION: says:

    Crusade Prayer (76) The Atheist Prayer

    Jesus help me to accept the Love of God as it is being shown to me.
    Open my eyes, my mind, my heart and my soul so that I can be saved.
    Help me to believe by filling my heart with Your Love.
    Then hold me and save me from the torment of doubt.

  • Tamiko Smith says:


  • Tania Blackwood says:

    Doc am a very big fan and really need to start your weight loss plan

  • Harold Hart says:


  • Lucky Yena says:

    The immunity IQ questions in the video, BBABA.
    It would have been ABABA but I’ve never been a morning person so waking up in the morning makes me suffer a bit. If I wake up when my body (rather than the clock) tells me though, 9 times out of 10 I do indeed feel well rested.

    …..leafy greens are BITTER. AS. HECK. and they get stuck in your teeth. Any idea how to make them palatable to a sensitive tongue?

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Still going around here in KY.

  • Jacob tarot says:

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