Women’s Secrets to Looking Half Their Age – Best Of Oz

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A collection of the top clips from 11 years of the Doctor Oz Shows.

Women's Secrets to Looking Half Their Age – Best Of Oz

You won’t believe how old these women are after you see their faces! Guests Noreen and Meli spill their anti-aging secrets – all easy, at-home tips that don’t require a facelift or perfect genes.

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  • the last change says:

    Firts comment . I’m from indonesia

  • Patricia Bartosik says:

    It’s genetic…and good care of your skin but we will age. Deal with it…lol

  • Abu Huraira says:

    It’s hard to be a WOMAN
    You must think like a Man
    Act like a Lady
    Look like a young girl
    And work like a Horse

  • CorvixEyes says:

    Isn’t this a reupload?

  • Sayrah Marie says:

    Also BOTOX!

  • Gayle Mora says:

    Black people always look younger. They have that really nice skin

  • Gayathri angel says:


  • KETO Diamond Channel says:

    Aging is so much fun lol

  • CK Boulevard says:

    So her secret to younger skin is puff cakes??

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