Woman Who Killed Her Cheating Husband in a Car Crash Speaks Out

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A Woman Who Killed Her Cheating Husband in a Car Crash Speaks Out

Dr. Oz revisits the true crime story that landed Frances Hall in prison after she decided to confront her husband of 30 years and his mistress in a high-speed car chase. Was Hall’s intent to kill or was the deadly collision an accident?

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  • Carol Mcgriff says:

    So sad..married folks need to stop the madness

  • Shenny Sheny says:

    I know your feeling..so sad..it’s so much pain. But you have to move on to new life..your family loves you.

  • Angela Correnti says:

    I remember this case I saw it on Dateline Bonnie should have been held for her husband’s murder that poor woman she was taunted and tormented and she ends up in jail where was there Justice my heart breaks for her🙏🙏🙏

  • N Saidy says:

    The husband is just as responsible for all this as the other woman but they keep blaming her only, he destroyed his family also.

    • Teresa in Texas says:

      Agreed…he made some really bad choices & unfortunately it cost him his life

    • Nathen Scott says:

      Yup, you’re totally right.

      He could have avoided the whole thing by not getting married in the first place… or just suffer through the inevitable divorce raping he would have needed to suffer to be free since he made the MISTAKE of marriage.

      Statistically speaking, he was in a sexless, loveless marriage. But we can’t ask him because he was murdered. But assuming he was like well over 50% of those married… he should have just suffered through that…

      And since he didn’t, he apparently deserved to die.


      What a perspective.

      Apparently all men are disposable, no matter how much value they bring to society.

      Yet are equally, at the same time, MORE responsible for the female’s behavior in their lives than the females themselves.

      Man bad, responsible, disposable
      Woman good, innocent, protected

      Got it.

  • shelly yastagirl says:

    I dont agree if he cheats respect yourself and leave him it doesnt matter if u been with him since 16…….is not worth it at all my husband cheats his out of my life right away

    • Susana Macalma says:

      Its ok to forgive a cheating partner if that person doesnt do it again specially if there ate children involved. You can always repair a relationship but bought have to agree on it and want it and for it not to happen again. Children need bought parents you can’t just give up so easily people make mistakes.

    • Queen Butterfly says:

      @Susana Macalma I agree…for me personally I’d slash all 4 tires, burn his clothing, loose 10lbs, wear a tight dress that shows excessive cleavage, then leave him in the dust!

    • Dawn Kelly says:

      Agree 100%.

  • erin corinne says:

    Wow this is a crazy story. Such a sad result of acting in anger. I understand where she’s coming from especially since the mistress was stalking and harassing her. I hope everyone is able to heal from this situation.

    • Edgle Bennett says:


    • quasimobius says:

      I went through that with a girlfriend of my ex’s following me around with my kids in the car. I was so glad to be rid of him, then out of nowhere some girl who also had some of her gang with her driving one of MY cars started following me around town. Infuriating to say the least. I finally got a chance to let her know I had been done with him and glad to be free of him, but it made no difference to her, she kept it up. After they broke up she tried being friendly and said he had always led her to believe that he had been the one to break off with me and that I was the one who kept wanting him! Like she believed even if that had been the truth that it made it ok for her to harrass me all that time. It’s not like she ever saw me act friendly with him. Small town hoes, what would the world do without them?

  • Sarah S says:

    I love this lady. This happened under terrible circumstances. The wife was baited. I wish her all the luck in the world. Sorry for this tragedy in your life 🤍💜

  • Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon says:

    My heart aches for you. I’m sorry. And you seem to be a good person.

  • yoloduran duran says:

    I have not had her experience but I have been so upset that I can imagine. Sometimes people are so terrible to you that you feel like you have to do something. You can lose control. That I have felt.

  • M. A. says:

    The mistress should have been the one who died instead of the husband. Punto🙄

  • Susana Macalma says:

    Where is the rest of the story

  • Patricia Hamilton Kephart says:

    Never follow a cheating spouse.Just call your attorney.

  • Barber Ann says:

    I remember this case I’m glad she out of jail.

  • jwathas says:

    It sounds to me like the wrong woman ended up in prison…..

  • Dani says:

    hell hath no fury like that of the woman’s scorn. Thats the truth, he did this to himself. He screwed up his family because he was selfish. Accident or not its his fault ultimately.. pos…he had it all and he ruined it

    • Edgle Bennett says:

      You’re a little crude!!! but you’re so right!!!!!!!!!!! been there, done that, thank God he didn’t die…it was his fault, if you’re gonna cheat just leave your Wife, Husband..etc

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Sounds like GF should have got time for stalking?

  • diane mainiero says:

    This woman I feel so much for her….she didn’t mean to kill anyone. .what a tragic tale

  • P.M 1983 says:

    Frances should sue Bonnie. There are certain states that have laws against home wreckers.

  • Elaine Bird says:

    I feel bad for her, she’s hurt that he ended up dead, it’s crazy how love makes you act on impulse

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