Will Warm Weather Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus?

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Will Warm Weather Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus?

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  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    awesome content keep it up

  • zema hiwot says:

    We keep listening this again and again ,please do something

  • kate Guhl says:

    Thanks for the info dr oz

  • Serenityafterall says:

    Yea ok not quite .

  • Phyl D says:

    Why does he have an audience and they seem to be sitting next to each other

  • Cindy Eckles says:

    The bird flu has been released again in China.

  • Amanda Fevrier says:

    Just like the flu

  • ellie larkin says:


  • Dale Lloyd says:

    Hopefully we all learn from this, especially those who are at a restaurant or kitchen table and blow their nose. Disgusting to say the least. Or folks that bring their dogs (or any animal) into the restaurant or food market. Animals are the ones that started this virus in Wuhan to begin with, so why bring them where we eat. Leave them at home PLEASE!

  • Texas Made says:

    This whole crisis leads to the guy getting paid off the vaccine they’re about to start pushing. Instead of the new iPhone it’s the newest vaccine. They have to make people want to line up for it. What better way then to try to scare the crap out of people. Trust in your body and the one who created you. That’s all you have to do.



  • LA K. says:

    I agree. I dont think this thing is going away. It has changed the way I socialize. I am not a germaphobe, however, I have definately changed my habits!

    • Ocean Flower says:

      LA K. How could it go away if it spreads this exponentially and surfaces on surfaces 9+ days? As if it could just disappear thats impossible there are many countries who are already warm and still have high numbers so how can they claim such a thing or is it to calm ppl down 🙄 makes little sense

  • mela blu says:

    there are no subtitles, why? I can’t understand everything that is said, I don’t understand the language well.

    • rae abernathy says:

      Just like the seasonal flu, when it is humid outside, germs can’t spread as easily like it does in the cold weather. So hopefully when it’s summer the virus will start to lessen. He doesn’t think it will fully go away because it will come back when it’s Fall and Winter again 😞. Don’t touch contaminated surfaces and to please get the vaccine when it’s out by hopefully 2021..

    • Mia Ash says:


  • chellybabyme says:

    Third rule in sales: create a sense of urgency> edit. Oh I’m sorry. I must have commented on the wrong video.

  • KM RC Adventure says:

    And the vaccine makers make billions because they made the virus?

  • Mia Ash says:

    What are your thoughts Dr Oz, on the global hype surrounding the Coronavirus?
    Following 9/11, we can’t even take a bottle of water with us on board a plane before passing through security!
    I often wonder what restrictions are going to follow as a result of this virus!
    FEAR is the name of the game!
    Devastating/unending wars take place in the name of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Axes of Evil, Bin La Din, Terrorism,….
    Putting FEAR into the masses who are tragically fast asleep!
    Is all this madness done to have COMPLETE CONTROL over the fast asleep masses?

  • Mia Ash says:

    This guy turned up on your programme to recommend VACCINES!

  • Darko 2000 says:

    I feel like this is gonna last way over a year

  • Sandy Clearwater says:

    Are we going to have a choice? Or will the “vaccine” be forced upon us?
    Vaccines do MAKE people sick – I have NO doubt about that. I have seen much evidence for a vaccination to infect not just the person getting it, but the people around them also.
    No, I won’t take the vaccination.

  • tam gr says:

    So glad spring is here ,😎

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