Will There Be A Second Wave?

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Will There Be A Second Wave?

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  • Katelyn_Kpoppotato says:

    Fear mongering!

  • xxlxpman says:

    Of course there will be a surge after opening back up, we have to face it sometime. If you’re afraid, stay home, it’s your own responsibility to stay safe, but personal responsibility in the USA is virtually nonexistent these days.

  • William Ritchie says:

    You know why we will have it in the fall? Because of the damn lockdown.

    • Mike Williams says:

      William Ritchie tell the leftists. Lol. The lockdown lasted way too long. Herd immunity needs to run the course. We know that but dumb people don’t.

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. We will have it in the Fall because it is still here and is NOT go anywhere anytime Soon just like the H1N1 Flu. The Virus is mutating, there are different strains which is why it effects everyone differently. We won’t all just magically become Immune to it by allowing half the Population to die like you’re suggesting. *_Herd Immunity was NEVER what controlled Viruses that use to be deadly. It was always isolation of the Sick, Social distancing, Medical intervention and Vaccines_* whether some people like it Or not.

    • angelina angel says:

      @Natural Kinky Curly―Marie it’s becuz Bill Gates and faucci and china are gonna plan it in the fall. If trump wins 😠

    • Armani V says:

      Natural Kinky Curly―Marie it’s mutating slower than the flu … chill

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      @Mike Williams What are you talking about? Stop making this Political. Republicans and Democrats alike are concerned about the same thing. Not being prepared and Reopening is what concerns most people Not Lefties. Most of the Country supported the ‘Temporary’ Lockdown that’s expiring in 2days. Some states Reopened 1wk earlier but that’s Ok since Lockdown is basically over.

      It’s frustrating that there isn’t Testing being done to help people “know where they stand” to Not spread this thing to many others. We’re gonna have to just ride this one out and deal with whatever happens. #RIP to everyone who doesn’t make it. We lost our neighbor and close friend 2wks ago from COVID-19.

  • Natalie Veltmeyer says:

    .  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
    ~ 2 Timothy 1:7🙏

  • Aria Levitas says:

    Dr. Oz, please have some other epidemiologists on your show besides this guy. Try someone from another country because they have no financial interests, etc….. He is a clone of Gates. Enough already!

  • Antonia Zarate says:

    You are trying to scare people

  • Sam Colt says:

    Blah Blah Blah. You can’t even compare this to 1918, way way more evil people trying to control the world . Oz just want to get $$$, just like any other empty soul celebrity

  • Jeff Potts says:

    Anyone wanna lay odds that, now that they’ve made their grave and dire predictions, it’s not as bad as they claim. You know, like the current outbreak?

  • L w. says:

    What about the “dry cough” that started to show up “last fall”? And spread throughout school systems?

  • Selveta Hyatt says:

    If God was like man all the poor would die off But thank God he is charged so people who believe in almighty God keep on praying 🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Randy Bennett says:

    So-called SME’s with their Risk Adverse models have led us on this snipe hunt once and plan to do it again.

  • Pellowe Collins says:

    Not to mention all that we’ve learned about touching face, shaking hands, WASHING HANDS, using sanitizer.. etc..
    No one should be listening to what the WHO says. They were wrong in the beginning.

  • SK D says:

    We have a seasonal flu vaccine. We also have up to 60,000 deaths from the seasonal flu each year. How many people die of the seasonal flu who have also had the flu vaccine? I am not an anti-Vaxer, but there seems to be an issue here.

  • JS Warpaint says:

    One needs to understand there have always been those having power and great influence that have tried and wanted to destroy Trump AND our nation and institute socialism etc. In addition they will even convince others that may be doing anything beneficial to the country or Trump to change their mind etc. about how they talk about Trump AND the economy. The continued existence of the country depends on whether or not we go back to work. Think how much money is not going into social security, medicare, medicaid and the budget. Think about what printing money is doing. Think how much money we already printed under Obama. Whatever happens in the fall will be a cake walk we already know how to social distance etc. and our minds are already used to doing things differently. Trump has closed down immigration so because it is going to be so bad they should support this yet they do not they cannot have it both ways. They want us to panic and to keep the country closed notice how this info comes out as we are s l o o w l y trying to open up the country. It is all to obvious.

  • KingzKid says:

    Also an infected person, showing signs, could’ve been sitting outside of the restaurant, in front of the intake for the air conditioner. Or they could have coughed by the air intake while passing by. Seems more probable than AC bouncing off the back wall. Just a thought. Good observation as far as a potential cause for the spreading of the virus.

  • michelle baker says:

    Everyone boost up your immune system right now !!!! I want everyone to live !!!

  • My Hodgepodge Life! says:

    Just lock yourself in a bubble and be afraid,forever…
    There is a risk,but so is life.

  • Jack Rabbit says:

    A lot of inconsistent messaging from these public health experts whom our politicians have been putting in charge instead of showing true leadership and making the best overall decisions based on a synthesis of all considerations, including public health, yes, but also economic, infrastructure and governmental health, too: (1) their dire prediction models for how many would be ill and die have nowhere near panned out; (2) first the public wearing of masks was going to be a great liability to health and increase the risk of contagion, then without any explanation or evidence they reverse themselves and say we all have to wear masks; (3) they were adamant that this is nothing like the flu, but then, they make prognostications about “second waves” of illness based on what happened with the Spanish flu (even though most epidemics die out without second waves, and this one is pretty much showing a typical bell curve); (4) they have been promoting all kinds of false assumptions, like joggers emitting mists of virus and catching this contagion out of doors in a park, despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence based on true biological data that any of this actually happens! So much at stake for our society in following the advice of all these experts, yet so little evidence. Just unproven models and suppositions guiding public policy. They sure have made a great job of giving government the instrument to take away our civil liberties, and turn neighbor against neighbor, creating an ugly atmosphere of paranoia. And that is scarier than any virus!

  • Fatima Arid says:

    Pray to Allah that he lift this disease and everything will be alright insha’Allah.
    Don’t scare us with your predictions based on some few assumptions please!

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