Will The Nation’s Biggest Cities Be Shut Down?

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Will The Nation's Biggest Cities Be Shut Down?

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  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    amazing content it was really entertaining

  • Rachel Kliewer says:

    Dr Oz I appreciate you and all your doing to keep us as informed as possible! ❤️ Much love to you!

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 11 minutes and 5 seconds left to live”


  • DIAAFIT says:

    Thanks, Dr. Oz for sharing this video. All your videos are really awesome and very informative. After watching all your videos, I was able to reverse my type 2 diabetes. Now I myself working on the diabetes reversal for my patients. I was also inspired by your videos to launch my own Youtube Channel DIAAFIT. Thanks once again for the wonderful content.

  • Stacy C says:

    What about keeping our pharmacy employees healthy?

  • Linda Flores says:

    Dr. Oz thank you for all your information..Here in my city in Texas our day care will open 10 children per class we have 10 classrooms . Plus the parade’s that drop off the child. That won’t be safe for anybody…..

  • Sugar Xyler the foot model says:

    ✔ I’m in Charlotte. Nobody I know has died from this virus yet

  • Aquarian231990 says:

    I’m in New York and Nervous!!!

  • Pinkwildchild says:

    Here in Chicago were already on a “stay at home” order, actually all of Illinois is and all of our schools have been closed since the 17th. Although some seem to think it doesn’t apply to them and are still having large gatherings, police had to break up two large house parties last night smh. Only the essential business are to remain open: gas stations, grocery, medical. We can go out just not to the extent that we had been

  • RuÏslip says:

    Thanks Dr Oz, In Australia we have had 7 deaths so far, self isolation for most people at home, we have shut down many places now, hospitals, supermarkets, pharmacies,
    gas stations, some stores
    some schools still be open at this moment. Social distancing is already in place. many more places will be shutting down
    day by day changes are happening! as Darwin said the strongest species , are the one’s that adapt to change

  • Mr Glass says:

    If they shut it down when it first started they wouldn’t be in the position they are now.

    Nothing happens until it happens.

    All these doctors pretending it’s not serious…

  • Brenda Chown says:

    When you have the number of
    homeless living on the streets
    California will be worse than Italy thanks to Democrats releasing criminals on the streets and tying the hands of cops! Thanks to their Open door policy they have made
    America vulnerable to diseases like Hong Kong flu ,
    H1N1 , and the Corona Virus and top it of they encouraged
    pharmaceutical companies to
    move to China !

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