Will The Covid-19 Vaccine Be Safe?

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Will The Covid-19 Vaccine Be Safe?

Dr. Oz takes on some of the biggest COVID-19 debates heating up across the nation and reports on the status of leading vaccine candidates. Scientist Dr. Peter Hotez gets real about the logistics and expectations for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    If you are severely ill with COVID-19 or suffer from other complications that prevent you from caring for your infant or continuing direct breastfeeding, express milk to safely provide breastmilk to your infant.

    If you are too unwell to breastfeed or express breastmilk, you should explore the possibility of relactation (restarting breastfeeding after a gap), wet nursing (another woman breastfeeding or caring for your child), or using donor human milk.

  • wavenature says:

    If HCQ works, why is it hard to get?

    • James Prentice says:

      In a word, POLITICS!

    • iBiana Doubt says:

      The Deep State, the globalists and the Democrat party, reject any recommendation of Donald J Trump.
      Knowing it’s pre-approved and suspecting it works, and would reflect way too positively on the president’s leadership:
      Being ammunition for November.
      Hence it’s verboten.

    • Nenad Stanojevic says:

      There is no money to be made by using inexpensive medicines that do work.

    • Chris Shupe - Be Free says:

      I personally know an ER doctor who spent her own money on hcq for her patients because it works and the hospital refused to pay for it. But she stopped because she started getting anonymous death threats. This is pure politics. It has nothing to do with health.

  • Рамазан Макаев says:


  • Carol Griffiths says:

    Is it true they use Babette’s baby parts?

  • Andrew Jones says:

    I’m taking it for sure

    • iBiana Doubt says:

      I already had sars-cov 2, from January through March, but my doctor won’t prescribe it for me. He believes the negative hype, even though there are legitimate studies showing that it works.

    • Andrew Jones says:

      iBiana Doubt I have it too back in April. Had every symptom you can think of. Ended up in the hospital for 3 days on oxygen because I could not breathe. It wasn’t till early August body started to feel normal again because I had long lasting post Covid-19 linger affects. My breathing still isn’t normal whenever I do anything extra curricular activities, exercising, etc……….I’m 50 years old with a weak compromised immune system. I have prostate cancer, sleep apnea & acid reflux. I have never been this sick of an illness in my life. I would never wish this on anyone nor do I ever want to experience that sickness again for my remaining days on this earth. I don’t know what’s my doctors opinion on the vaccine 💉? If he’s again it? I’ll find someplace to get it. You can find anything you want in NYC. I wear a mask 😷 everywhere I go especially @ work as a NYPD cop. I have to continuously dodge my colleagues as much as possible because none of them won’t wear mask 😷 that our department MANDATES we do inside the buildings. I don’t believe in the antibodies nonsense that you can’t get it a 2nd , 3rd 4th time etc….. because it’s a virus 🦠. You can always catch multiple times. Stay safe & be well.

    • iBiana Doubt says:

      @Andrew Jones
      I feel your pain having covid-19 and having to battle cancer.
      I was blessed to survive multiple cancers 4 years ago.
      I’m going to be 62, and there were certain late weeks in the disease, where I couldn’t breathe in bed, and would toss and turn to get my lungs to to drain so I could breathe.
      Sometimes that wouldn’t work and I’d have to stand up to get them to drain.
      I never went to the doctor, and didn’t call my doctor until I got over it.
      Hearing of all the deaths occurring at hospitals, it seemed prayer and perseverance along with Dayquil and Nyquil, were better options.
      I got it in mid January and had it on till March 11th.
      I woke up on March 12th and it was gone.
      I called my doctor some Weeks Later and while listing off symptoms, I got about halfway through and he stopped me and said “yep, you had it”.
      I’ve been getting shortness of breath too, but I’ve been blaming it on my age.
      Strange, cuz I still ride my bicycle everywhere, and suffer no shortness of breath in that respect.
      Taking hydroxychloroquine has been shown to work as a prophylactic, to keep you from getting the disease.
      Purportedly, this is why Donald Trump hasn’t had it.
      Having had it should protect you for upwards of a year-and-a-half, perhaps two years.
      I don’t want to ever have it again.
      I have never been so sick in my life….
      Best of luck to you.
      Stay healthy !!

  • MOTIVATED David says:

    Who ever reading this is blessed

  • Ez P says:

    DOC… did you put facts first so we can make the best decisions to stay safe when you were supporting Trump and not wanting to close things down until we can get a handle on things here in NY. You wew against it and claiming it’s no different from the flu… we don’t shut down from the flu so why shut down for covid… remember that Doc???

    • Cindy Michaud says:

      It’s important to remember Doctor Oz, like everyone at that point in time, relied on the best information available. It’s impossible for anyone to “see what’s coming”. If that were the case, we would all invest in the stock market “to come” and be rich. Peace ☮️☮️☮️

    • Ez P says:

      @Cindy Michaud Stop it… we were losing a thousand lives a day hoping for a curve and at that time, wearing a mask and social distancing WAS THE BEST INFO AVAILABLE… so miss me with that. He wanted schools to remain open with no mask… give me a break!

    • Kristy Smith says:

      @Cindy Michaud My perception is..This is a dangerous way to view a pandemic.
      Making assumptions and unnecessary mandates while people are dying and using phrases such as.
      It seems to be….
      Wear a mask…..????
      It possibly…
      Pretty sure….
      In time….
      The so called data…
      The so called bunk science…
      Literally news stories with no scientific facts…
      Forcing BS lockdowns with no science… social distancing …
      Disinformation from CDC…
      A vaccine being sold as a cure…go Google the 1976 swine flu Debacle, where a vaccine was mandated and harmed many people and the government had to stop the forced vaccinations!
      This has become Massive Fear and hysteria based on really bad sick psychopaths giving out information they don’t know and harming the global population! ..insanity,
      Mondera has never produced a vaccine ever, it’s a biotech company.
      William Haseltine has come out and said he is worried that long term follow up data will show these vaccines waning and disease more severe after getting the vaccine..
      Dr Oz is disappointing, because he is giving out disinformation, but I guess it’s all how you want to view the pandemic and trust these media clowns with your health.

  • Marie Frontera says:

    Are baby parts used to produce this vaccine ?

  • iBiana Doubt says:

    With the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) having adjusted their mortality figures downward to 10,000 Americans, on August 27th.
    With the mortality rate of 0.05%, and 90% of the mortality focused on Americans over the age of 50, and 80% over the age of 80, why is a flu shot even necessary, for anyone under the age of 50 ?

  • irish bless says:

    I will take it if it safe. Never took the Flu shots but with this virus killing people and if President Trump did not do the lock downs there be more death then we have already.

  • James Prentice says:

    Nothing is FREE, NOTHING IS FREE! Your Taxes will pay for the Vaccine. My Grandson became Autistic immediately (two days) after receiving vaccines at one year old. Covid 19 is a Flu and we do not need a vaccine for it but there are political and monetary forces involved. One of the issues is the absolute “control” of the masses using “fear” to scare people into compliance. This conditions people to OBEY the MASTERS. There are a multitude of competent well trained Doctors who are trying to speak out about the fact that Covid 19 is “just another Flu” and vaccines are not necessary. They advise that we open up and let nature take it’s normal course, create community (herd) immunity and be done with it. Historically there have been older people and people with severe health problems who succumb to these types of illnesses, but this is normal. Unfortunately the ignorant American people believe that Politicians are more knowledgeable than professional Doctors. OH and Dr. Fauci is more of a Politician than a Doctor. Money and Power corrupt people. The Politicians have caused more deaths because of their actions than would have normally occurred. during a regular Flu season. Yes HCQ and Zinc are extremely effective against this and many other ailments.

  • Mr. Universe says:

    “Honesty” has never been a strong attribute of the cdc and gov agencies. They have their OWN agenda. The safety of childhood vaccines are covered up and manipulation of the facts have been altered. By now you should all the know that the flu is a bigger killer then covid and the death totals of covid are uptick by alot. You die from a car crash and if you had covid, well covid killed you. I dont trust them. Good luck to you all. I am not accepting this poison into my body.


      Ok normally your delusion is hillouriose but your time to spout your thimble full of
      “idea’s ” but now can actually kill so shut your ignorant face . Time for only ADULTS to be heard. Just go back to your mom’s basement in russia… BOT BOT BOT

    • Mr. Universe says:

      @GODDESS JESSIEKA your response didn’t address anything of the points I stated. Your attempt to degrade me only strengthen my view. Clearly I think for my self, you think how your told to think.

  • Nenad Stanojevic says:

    Hang on a minute. You said the best way out of this was through a vaccine. NO.
    Not at all. This is nonsence.
    99% of the cases are mild and 99% of people recover.

    You should know better than most that drug companies don’t always tell the truth, or then bend the truth to suit their agenda, when it comes to clinical trials, efficacy and results.

    No. There are multitude of ways out. Vaccines are not proven to be safe nor effective.

    I stopped you before you began, as you advocated pro vaccination without properly considering all other options.

    Did you sell out to the drug companies?

  • NorCal OntheRight says:

    Vaccine manufactures are given exemptions from liability. There’s zero published independent long term studies on the effects of vaccines.
    Our government sold out the best interests of American citizens for financial profits of elitists long ago.


    Agent orange is doing all possible to make americans scared of taking it.
    Saying he has power to approve his dementia is almost total at this piont.
    None of the communist red hat follows seem to see the emperor HAS NO CLOTHES ON Personally I don’t believe safe for me due to egg allergies cant take flue or pneumonia vaccine. In chair after gay bashed so been stranded inside till healthy people get the shots.

  • Kristy Smith says:

    💯pass on this 💉👈

  • Rocky2750 says:

    When the vaccine come out I’m not going to take it until I see someone take it first and see what happen next 😬

  • one happy says:

    Don’t get it. Who ever gets it. In the next 10 years when we hit another pademic.the first one that will be affected are the ones that get the vaccine

  • mybebe2005 says:

    Over my dead body will I take the demonaccines!!! Especially if it’s approved by dr falci!

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