Will Harvey Weinstein Die In Jail or Will His Conviction Be Appealed?

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Will Harvey Weinstein Die In Jail or Will His Conviction Be Appealed?

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  • Fran Cesca says:

    What a disgraced life

  • Maggie van der Merwe says:

    Just keep him alive, so that the case goes on and you, his lawyers, can continue billing him. Should he die, everything ends.

  • Sandy Burkett says:

    Harvey needs to stay right where he is. If he’s breathing..he’s still a threat! His Karma has caught up to him.
    I believe in forgiveness , but tell that to his victims!

  • Lucia Dooley says:

    Bill Cosby conviction will be appealed also

  • Pourquoi Pas says:

    He is most probably going to die in prison. 23 yrs, he’ll be 91. With his health’s condition he won’t last. He takes 23 meds? That’s a shame. Some people truly cannot afford their meds yet he is getting free medical care while incarcerated. As far as facing charges in California, why spend 100s of 1000s of tax payers’ money just to affirm his wrong doings? He is where he belongs and going to California to face more charges won’t change his condition. California: save your money!

  • batsha says:

    How does this guy still have money for lawyers?

  • Teresa Harrison says:

    I believe Harvey weinstein was set up as part of the me too movement just as Johnny Depp is.
    What right does the media have to act as judge jury and executioner?
    No right whatsoever, its extremely important to remember innocent unless proven guilty.
    Trial by mob media is abhorrent.

  • Max Inpains says:

    He needs to . Not he should.
    He is an one M&M chocolate in a cell that’s all. Right, Dave ? LoL 🤣

  • Hawk Eyes says:

    dont worry joe biden will pardon him
    all in the same club

  • TrueGolden BoyChamp says:

    Weinstein is with the satanic forces he will be set free like Epstein who is on his island

  • renea5667 says:

    All they do is talk about harvey but forget about Bill Cosby

  • wendy C says:

    not dead yet

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