Will Face Masks Protect You From Coronavirus?

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Will Face Masks Protect You From Corona Virus?

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  • RainyZ Bluz says:

    Who cares what the CDC says I wear those masks all the time

  • ForbiddTV says:

    Many thanks for all those who post Coronavirus fear mongering videos and comments. My gas mask, flu pandemic kits and food storage sales increased 3000% in January. Keep up the good work!

  • Space Rocket Scientist Lover says:

    No it will not protect you from face mask you need like virus mask and special unifrom being worn at all times.

  • Amanda Fevrier says:

    Hmm 😒

  • ༫༺ཊZ says:

    Masks won’t protect you just stay away from Chinese people in the air port and run as far away from them

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    So ummm ok why not??? And umm what do they recommend ?? This is hilarious , and no help

  • Miracle Health Cures says:

    How about you just wear a gas mask? Would that do it for masks?

  • medical pathoma says:

    This is confusing So what shall we do now

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