Why Was Beverly Carter Targeted For Kidnapping & Murder?

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Why Was Beverly Carter Targeted For Kidnapping & Murder?

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About the Author

  • Bridget says:

    She raised an outstanding son. So sorry for her loss.

  • Asanda Akponor says:

    So sad beautiful family may her soul rest in perfect peace

  • Lori Carver says:

    Prayers for this family

  • B A says:

    That is a horrible story 💔 May she Rest In Peace 🙏❤️🌺 Looks like she has raised a lovely son. G_d bless her family and give them comfort and peace 🙏❤️

  • diana AL.shamii says:

    Thank you Dr Oz… If you can translate information …. Write it… You Will have more than one million with you…

  • Maxine F says:

    How did Crystal know about his mom? Was she a client of hers? 🤔

  • American Gal says:

    Dr. Oz, please stick to medical topics. Please.

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