Why The Head Of The US Vaccine Initiative Thinks The Virus Could Be Ready By Next Year’s Flu Season

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Why The Head Of The US Vaccine Initiative Thinks The Virus Could Be Ready By Next Year's Flu Season

The Scientific Director of “Operation Warp Speed” weighs in on when the first wave of vaccines will be available, how many will be immunized and what it will take to end the pandemic.

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  • Faye King says:

    Happy Friday

  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    While some western, traditional or home remedies may provide comfort and alleviate symptoms of mild COVID-19, there are no medicines that have been shown to prevent or cure the disease. WHO does not recommend self-medication with any medicines, including antibiotics, as a prevention or cure for COVID-19. However, there are several ongoing clinical trials of both western and traditional medicines. WHO is coordinating efforts to develop vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat COVID-19 and will continue to provide updated information as soon as research results become available.

  • Official Vevo says:

    It funny how people sleep differently.
    I sleep on my side  my girl sleeps on her stomach and the rest of the world sleeps on Vaccine

  • Sibel Caglarer says:

    ❄DR . OZ 💫❤ | r

  • Sandra Maw Maw Sweener says:

    I don’t trust none of the information, numbers, and vaccines

  • Michael White says:

    No cell line vaccine for me. RNA gene altering.

  • Nenad Stanojevic says:

    Hold on a minute. We aready have many cheap, effective and safe cures for this ridiculous virus.

    There are also various natural cures as well.

    There is no need to peddle a crazy dangerous vaccine.

    Have you sold out on us?

    • scott nyc says:

      Anyone in the mainstream is heavily funded by big Pharma hence their narrative.Science religion is dogmatic,anyone dares to stray off will be viewed as a heretic..We are living in end times.
      A virus that hasn’t even been isolated hence why there isn’t any gold standard test for identifying it successfully.Aside for all the safer therapeutics it ends up having a survivability rate of 99.95% actually more than the seasonal influenza.
      Bottom line is their satanic vaccine doesn’t have anything to do with their virus but something much more diabolical.

    • Bunny Bubs says:

      None of the cures are effective .. not the hydrox or the one prez took.. none proven to stop or slow virus

  • oscarjohn1 says:

    Well iv got so called covid now and it’s not that bad to warrant a vaccine. Rather ride it out thanks. Definitely not worse than the normal flu. It’s a big fat lie. Unless you have serious health issues why the whole world has locked us all away is shocking. Can’t believe people still believe this is a killer virus. Remember Wuhan all the dead bodies lying on the floor. Come on people. Bet you don’t know anyone dead Of it. I don’t know anyone and I don’t know anyone who knows anyone

  • Angela Brookins says:

    Hey. Hey. Hey

  • Sheila Phillip says:

    This sounds more reasonable than this fall.

  • Sabrina T says:

    I ain’t taking that crap.Periodt😔

  • Bunny Bubs says:

    Shady.. no vaccine for AIDS, Herpes, common cold … all viruses …decades and decades of no resolution. yet they can pass a quick vaccine without years of trial …. hmmm … yeah no … you need long term effects on health… a vaccine in a year doesn’t sound too smart $$$$

  • Young At Any Age says:

    Very good video! We are an active couple in our 80’s and are all about healthy aging. We still strive for a healthy body, a calm mind, and a positive outlook. And we feel better than ever! We are doing research for our new YouTube channel and hope to inspire others. Learned a lot here. Thank you!

  • Susan Spencer says:

    I’m Diabetic, I’m scared 😢

  • Shasha8674 says:

    The curve has already been flattened. It is under control. Corruption is out of control trying to make you think you need this vaccine which they want to make Trillions of dollars and it is an RNA vaccine which may destroy health/kill. Agenda 21 is to lower the population from 7.8 billion people to 500 million people by the virus/ventilators/starve/abortions/trash the weather and farms/vaccines and more. This is an attempt at a political take over more than health issue. Test kits may gave false positives which they contract trace with and make up the numbers of cases. They are pretending there is a surge when there is only a surge in corruption/pretend test results. “They want to usher in the New World order. God bless all!

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Natural help for infections: Zn/Mg/fish oil/Vit C/Vit D3/Vit A/herbs/onion/garlic/mushrooms/fish/citrus/low sugar/no gluten/no dairy/no soy or GMO etc.. may help the immune system/prevent and help infections.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    The vaccine is not needed except for the elite/corrupt who want to try to lower the population by the vaccine hurting them or killing them. Natural help has always been there. Sunlight/fresh air. Beaches are the healthiest place…sunlight/grounding/exercise/fresh air/sweating.low stress etc. which help the immune system.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    The flu shot may burden the immune system and also be contaminated with the Corona virus making it easier to get the Corona virus. God bless all!

  • smsalsa1 says:

    We have enough data showing that this vaccine is less harmful than flu for the population under 70 years old. We have yet to understand the long-term dangers of this vaccine for that same population. How does it make sense to anyone?

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