Why Now May Be The Time To Boost Your Vitamin D And How To Tell If YOur Levels Are Too Low

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Why Now May Be The Time To Boost Your Vitamin D And How To Tell If YOur Levels Are Too Low

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  • Keto Solution says:

    It’s always a good time to boost your immune system.

  • 0e32 says:

    Already eating D and never being sick for 5 years. Before I always being sick in late spring when the levels of D is low. Regards from Sweden.

  • JollySugarSocks says:

    Dr. Eric Berg here on youtube has been ahead of this trend by weeks. He needs his own show too, just sayin.

  • Adrian Bentley says:

    What about depression? Depression is the biggest symptom.

  • Jim Mattox says:

    Don’t forget vitamin K2-mk4? It helps protect your brain and blood vessels

  • infinatenik says:

    It has to be vitamin D3 and you must take k2 with it and also zinc

  • Ike Does Stuff says:

    Scare propaganda caused people to avoid the sun and wear sunscreen. Can the medical establishment admit they were wrong?

  • Perry Night says:

    You need to take 5000 IU of vitamin D a day you need to get your blood levels of vitamin D3 between 80 and 100 . Food has miniscule amounts.

    • Mediterranean Diet says:

      Bunny Bubs False. See vitaminDwiki for facts.

    • Mediterranean Diet says:

      Raptorman 43 False. See vitaminDwiki for the facts.

    • Mediterranean Diet says:

      Perry Night 5000 iu a day will not get your blood levels to 80ng/ml or more unless you were already near that. See vitaminDwiki for more.

    • Raptorman 43 says:

      @Mediterranean Diet Anything above 3000 doesn’t do anything different your taking too much at that point! 2000 IU is plenty according to my endocrinologist if your taking it daily! People think taking way too much helps but it doesn’t in fact taking too much can compromise your immune system! People should ask their doctors first!!

    • Regina Pulliam says:

      I take 1000 vid d3 a day and I increase it in the winter of 2000 a day. Any but d3 over that is considered to much. My d3 is in the normal range.

  • TheBodyScientist81 says:

    I’ve been talking about this for years and ESPECIALLY in the past few months. I did several YouTube videos on the Topic. I have studied this topic in depth for years.

  • K Banks says:

    Currently, Africa doesnt seem to have high infection rates.. Maybe it’s TRUE about the vit d..

  • Lucky Yena says:

    I’m almost never sick.
    I have been slowly losing hair since I was in college. But it’s slowed down since I graduated so it was likely stress.
    No muscle cramps to speak of.
    Had back pain for years, but only if I’m doing a lot of heavy lifting or a lot of standing.
    Never broken a bone before, and only sprained my ankle once [tripped].

    I think it’s safe to say I’m not deficient. But on the off chance that I am vitamin D deficient, even slightly… how does one get more when the skin burns within 5-10 minutes of continued exposure to sunlight?

  • Fine Curls says:

    I was experiencing all these symptoms luckily I caught it before this pandemic and now my levels are within normal higher range.

  • Michael John says:

    Dr. Oz, thank you for this great info. You also may want to look into high-dose Intravenous vitamin C, which is now standard of care in Shanghii, China. American doctor Richard Cheng went to Shanghai and withnessed even the most severe covid patients recovering. The foremost authority in the U.S. is Dr. Thomas E. Levy, a cardiologist and author of “Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins : Curing the Incurable.”

  • Caleigh Schlabach says:

    How to tell if your vitamin D levels are lower… your staying indoors too much and don’t go outside lol 😂

  • Susi Hassert says:

    Can have your Vit D levels checked at a lab, by having a blood draw. If you test low Vit D with ViT D Mk2 if you

  • Ronald Tegtmeyer says:

    I started taking vitamin D in Dec 2019 and and still taking omg could not wait for hot weather to be here now vitamin D inside and out 😄😎

  • Raptorman 43 says:

    I bet these companies are making billions off selling vitamins right now expect a shortage with those next!!

  • carmell51 says:

    Thank you for being honest about hydroxy. Thank you for not having to the progressive left! I appreciate all your ideas!

  • Harry Higgenbotham says:

    Yes everyone needs to go outside and get some sun

  • Pax et Bonum says:

    Nursing home patients high risk. I wonder why!

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