Why Lupus Patients May Hold The Key To Whether Hydroxychloroquine Could Work – Part 2

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Why Lupus Patients May Hold The Key To Whether Hydroxychloroquine Could Work – Part 2

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  • Ronald Kulas says:

    For the time being, all nurses and doctors who are on the front lines should be given HCQ unless they themselves refuse.

    • Paul M says:

      They should get zinc supplements too. https://youtu.be/eVs_EWVCVPc

    • John Lennon says:

      @Mexi Chillin Many doctors are reporting promising and optimistic results from their patients. Are they automatically politically identified as Trump sack then?

    • ming xuan says:

      @Mexi Chillin So they should refuse a drug that they have seen positive results in because Trump mentioned it? What’s next? Stop breathing because Trump says oxygen is good?

    • Wendy T says:

      Yes! Give it to all nurses and essential workers!

    • agsn says:

      @Mexi Chillin You are the quack in this, in an attempt to sound smart, you are making the one basic mistake, you are parroting someone else too. You seem to think that is not a problem because it is coming from professionals. Why do you think doctors are even qualified to talk about novel disease treatment? Doctors are not responsible for finding a cure, they are only responsible for administrating it.

  • Paul M says:

    Hydroxychloroquine needs to be used with zinc to be effective vs covid-19. No one seems to be mentioning this. https://youtu.be/eVs_EWVCVPc

    • robert says:

      stored zinc in the body will be enough. just make sure one isn’t zinc deficient.

    • infinatenik says:

      Dr Oz is aware that zinc gets inside the cell and deactivates virus,he cannot mention this publicly because conventional doctors declared war on him in the past and they want to revoke his medical license.

    • Paul M says:

      @robert not for everyone, especially the elderly who are most at risk. https://today.oregonstate.edu/archives/2009/sep/zinc-deficiencies-global-concern

    • Wendy T says:

      Only Doctor Oz and Trump…and media killing this treatment that could save lives!

    • TDM MCL says:

      the amount of bioavailable zinc in the body exists in sufficient quantities based on a reasonable diet..more importantly to your sense of concern is that the “enhancer” azithromycin is mostly left out of many discussions on this topic. The reason why this disease is so severe and causes death is directly attributed to the secondary bacterial infections that occur when viral loading exceeds the bodies ability to respond effectively. ….pneumonia!

      one the matter of zinc…its not that important to get special vitamins to gain the daily minimums…

      The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommend the following daily intake of zinc:

      males aged 14 and older: 11 milligrams (mg)
      females aged 14 and older: 9 mg
      pregnant women: 11 mg
      women who are lactating: 12 mg
      It is well known that of all food types, oysters contain the most zinc per serving. However, most people get their zinc from poultry and red meat.

      Food manufacturers may also fortify foods with zinc to help a person meet their daily requirements.

      Examples of foods high in zinc include:

      oysters, 3 ounces (oz): 74 mg
      beef patty, 3 oz: 5.3 mg
      Alaska king crab, 3 oz: 6.5 mg
      fortified breakfast cereal, 3/4 cup serving: 3.8 mg
      cooked lobster, 3 oz: 3.4 mg
      cooked pork chop loin, 3 oz: 2.9 mg
      baked beans, 1/2 cup serving: 2.9 mg
      dark meat chicken, 3 oz: 2.4 mg’

      Other zinc sources in a person’s diet include low fat yogurt, pumpkin seeds, milk, chickpeas, instant oatmeal, almonds, and Cheddar cheese. These all contain around 1–2 mg of zinc per serving.

      while it might appear that vegan type diets may not sufficiently derive daily zinc minimums, it’s really about eating a well rounded diet…quite easy to get these minimums if eating a solid mix of zinc rich foods either way!

      and note…it is possible to take zinc excessively that can result in toxicity…so don’t go hog wild on the supplements..moderation!!!

      most daily vitamins contain the standard daily minimums across the board for those not having access to a wide variety of natural foods.

  • Big Falcon Rocket says:

    🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷Dr Didier Raoult= Nobel 2020!!! Vive la France!!!🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

    • James Hom says:

      I would add Dr. Zelenko as well for his protocol and some Chinese doctor in a Wuhan hospital who realize the 80 Lupus patients in the hospital were not getting the Wuhan virus like many of the other patients which started this trail of discovery. But, Dr. Raoult would be on top of the list because he had the balls to do it when he had the most to lose. Kudos to him. Though he is mostly a scientist these days, he was still a doctor when it counted.

  • James Hom says:

    May be a preventative or at worst, a minimizer, just be aware of the long term effects. Just, be aware, but do not be afraid.

  • J H says:

    ZINC is equally important !

  • Chris Jubb says:

    Hydroychloroquine is an ionophore for Zinc. Zinc inhibits the enzyme required by the virus to produce more RNA

  • Joseph Frainetti says:

    I haven’t been tested for coronavirus, however if I was tested and the results were positive I would take HCQ.

  • JAKTEK says:

    Easy, let’s put all Americans who needs to go back to work on HCQ for 3 months and monitor the “curve” and see if that keeps it down.

    • I Violanti says:

      Detroit has a study: Dr. Marcus Zervos Infectious Diesese Specialist (Michigan)

      Dr. Marcus Zervos cautioned it’s not a “miracle cure.” But he said patients on ventilators have recovered and been discharged. No drugs have been approved as a treatment, cure, preventive medicine or vaccine for COVID-19, but hydroxychloroquine can be used in certain cases.“I don’t want to give the impression that this is the absolute essential therapy. We’re doing what we think is best under the circumstances,” Zervos said. ***https://www.trumbulltimes.com/news/education/article/MSU-says-hundreds-of-new-health-care-grads-15168705.php

      Henry Ford to head first large-scale study of potential COVID-19 treatment drug ***https://www.macombdaily.com/news/coronavirus/henry-ford-to-head-first-large-scale-study-of-potential-covid-19-treatment-drug/article_fd1f825c-7520-11ea-ad70-cfebfd49f5bd.html
      More than 3,000 health care workers and first responders will be enrolled for the study at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.
      The FDA will provide the drug directly to Henry Ford Health System for physicians to distribute. Recruiting has not yet begun. More information can be found at HenryFord.com/whipCOVID19.

      Dr. William O’Neill  a world-renowned interventional cardiologist and researcher who has pioneered multiple treatments for heart disease.
      “This study looks at whether or not taking  hydroxychloroquine before you get sick will prevent you from getting COVID-19,” Kalkanis said. “We need this on our front line for our Detroit Police officers and o EMTs,  but also our health care workers, people in the emergency room and in our intensive care units who are day in and day out putting their lives on the line to protect our community.”

    • FUDDLEYP JONES says:

      You first.

    • I Violanti says:

      ​@FUDDLEYP JONES I would. If a renowned Epidemiology Professor Dr W Ian Lipkin Director at Center of Infection and Immunity Center NY had unfortunately contracted COVID19. He was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine therapy. It appears that if someone of his caliber is prescribed this treatment then that gives some merit to the therapy. I am not an alarmist, nor someone who would advocate self medication. But I would for myself or loved one be asking for this. I would take the 5-7 days use to possibly stop from going onto a ventilator.

    • JAKTEK says:

      FUDDLEYP JONES sign me up

  • Luisa Green says:

    man this thing is like a global cleansing.
    what a shift 🌐

  • Mr. Dream Chaser says:

    It seems like CDC doesn’t mind letting people die in the name of waiting on a vaccine or clinical study, if there’s a 50% chance this stuff could save thousands of lives go for it, let patients know look there a 50% chance this could save you what do you want to do. It seems like there’s a underlined agenda.

    • Lou Fazio says:

      Yea, that’s it ¡

    • A G says:

      I don’t think it is on purpose. They’re just so tied up in red tape, rules, regulations, laws, etc., that they cannot make any quick decisions. The problem is that this virus is so deadly and moving so quickly that we don’t have the luxury of time. They need to get out of the way and let people have access to this drug.

    • Almighty stinky stinky says:

      Because genius that the medicine is untested and unproven it can cause worse problems in the coronavirus it can actually help the coronavirus get worse that’s why people do studies

    • Paul M says:

      Yeah and from everything I read doesn’t sound like they are testing it with zinc. Genetic drug with unpatentable supplement = no one can make boat loads of money off this pandemic.

    • Steven Cummings says:

      Im a physician in Colorado and I can tell you everyone is getting put on it with Zithromax and many are still becoming very sick even while on hydroxychloroquine. Physicians are not holding back on anything that might help. More promising is convalescent serum

  • kosher says:

    I’m G6PD so I can’t take hydroxychloroquine due to blood hemolysis, so I’m more optimistic for how Ivermectin reacts in vivo trials

  • Patricia goebel says:

    I have taken chloroquine many times for malaria and its a good drug. They should just start administering this drug people are dying and the drug seem to be working. Scientists have evil intentions with the vaccine. Just saying

  • Strayaste says:

    Just use it .. why wait ?!? If the drug is safe why not give sick people a chance

  • julia alonzo says:

    I have been hearing about this drug since February, not sure how this is being tested, but it seems like the answer is taking forever to come up. this one sounds very promising.

  • Ashish Sawant says:

    Modi Government in India has already lifted restrictions and increased production drastically for these medicines to NEEDY Nations particularly USA as it is in CRISIS situation like Italy and Spain.

  • David B says:

    If helps then get it out there why this tip toe steps

  • Ideoform Sun says:

    “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
    Particularly in an emergency, where time is of the essence.

  • Marky mark and the bunky funch says:

    Hydroxychloroquin does work its just being held up by unelected bureaucrats and Democrats that want to make Trump look bad. Its used regularly in africa as a malaria drug and surprise surprise Africa is suffering the least from covid..

  • A G says:

    I hope our primary care physicians are watching this video.

  • Lou Fazio says:

    Dr. Oz has really been hitting the points well!

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