Why Lupus Patients May Hold The Key To Whether Hydroxychloroquine Could Work – Part 1

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Why Lupus Patients May Hold The Key To Whether Hydroxychloroquine Could Work – Part 1

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  • Big Falcon Rocket says:

    🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷Dr Didier Raoult = Nobel 2020!!! VIVE LA FRANCE!!!🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

    • Audrey Mbugua says:

      @amity 150 Are you serious? HCQ is not tested??? I live in Africa and I have taken it to treat malaria – close to 20 times. It is approved for treatment of malaria and is also commonly used to treat lupus and arthritis. It has been used for more than half a century and its safety characteristics are well understood. Do you understand its pharmacodynamics?

    • Tim Whiting says:

      For sure, this will be our saviour I hope! People need to get back to work asap !!

    • amity 150 says:

      @Tim Whiting It is not smart to use a drug that is known to SUPPRESS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM on people with an infectious disease without knowing what is going on. This is a DMARD.

    • Tim Whiting says:

      I’m not using it. I’m just hoping ig helps.

    • RJinNH says:

      Both Mr Trump and Dr Raoult but the good doctor should definitely be awarded…..

  • tmc che says:

    Dr Oz, which potentially deadly infectious diseases does the medical community recommend withholding treatment until the patient becomes seriously ill?

  • James Hudson says:

    hey! you promised to tells us more about lupus patients!

  • Ron Bearden says:

    Guy loves to touch his face.

  • Paul Coulic says:

    One of the most important not to do is touch your face that’s all this guy did was play with his beard!

    • Roman Shocker says:

      His hands could be clean, it says don’t touch ur eyes, nose and mouth not beard lol

    • Jim Cameron says:

      It is because mon chum in France to be free is to be alive. Without freedom you cannot be alive and that is why he adds a little conona and blue cheese to his salad dressing while he soils his beard.

  • Ronald Kulas says:

    I am totally addicted to news about HCQ. I can’t get enough updates about HCQ. I really want as much information as I can get. I hope it works.

  • john davis says:


    • P Pumpkin says:

      The Chinese Communist Party committed premeditated murder just assuredly has if they had pulled the trigger on a gun.

    • amity 150 says:

      Wha are you folks talking about “China committed murder.” Did the Trump administration and FOX commit murder by dismissing this as a “Democrat hoax?” If 37% of doctors “feel” that it might be helpful, not ready for prime time yet. Wish DJT would STOP PROMOTING IT!!!

    • amity 150 says:

      I don’t think Dems are trying to get Trump. I think Trump is trying to get Republicans … KILLED! Why is he still spouting crap about this? Democrats are wearing masks, Republicans are being stupid and going around bare faced. He should step aside and let someone qualified run the country until we get this under control.

    • Israel Ruelas says:

      China lied? China is saying this treatment works?
      Let’s focus on treating people and getting this under control. You do know China is already opening up restaurants, factories, businesses, etc. ?

    • Neli S says:

      Can you please do some research on ivermectin and tell us

  • User screen namesux says:

    The question is, would Dr Fauci give it to himself & his family if infected?

  • nina wildr says:

    add Zinc! Transferring zinc is the whole point

    • ABlackLadyFrom TheBronx says:

      @F S that is what they are using in the hospital

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      THEY DO. ZINC is Part of the Treatment Protocol along with Vit C. They’ve been talking about this for many weeks now. That’s how YOU know about the Zinc. Zinc doesn’t have to be mentioned in every news conference. Hospitals are using the right combination of Treatment.

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      @Private People EVERYONE is saying Zinc like they’re experts🙄 because they heard it from Dr Oz, the Media and Medical Professionals weeks ago. The Hospitals use Zinc with the Hydroxychloroquine, Zpack and Vit C and are the only ones who need to know the Dosage. This combo has been in use for many weeks now and COVID-19 patients have recovered and discharged from the Hospital.

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      @Roger Elder The Medical providers in the Hospitals already know all this and use Zinc with the Hydroxychloroquine along with Vit C. It doesn’t have to be mentioned in every news conference.

    • Lou Fazio says:

      @Natural Kinky Curly―Marie But it is not ever mentioned here, and “seems” like it should come up.

  • Leigh Saldivar says:

    I take it twice a day for lupus. So far I have been ok I do shelter in place though. Hopefully it will keep me from getting it.

  • Tom says:

    Dr. Raoult summed it up perfectly…treat the patient using the best available drug that we know of at the moment.

  • Brian Lee says:

    Quinine is another malaria drug and zinc ionophor that is showing promise too!

  • Gotcha News Network says:


    • Posh Mua says:


    • M Winter says:

      No vacs for me!

    • Jennifer Hargrove says:

      I think China…bill gates …the “who” turned this virus loose on the world so they can swoop in n “save us” with their bs immunizations!!! And it is odd that the top demoShats are not getting sick….funny how they are so willing to gamble with the lives of others as long as their wretched lives are not on the line

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      @Jennifer Hargrove They didn’t turn it loose. Throughout history there’s always been an Outbreak because of Humans and bad practices with wild animals. The different plagues, swine Flu, spanish Flu, Mers, Sars, Ebola …etc.

  • pauline Mc says:

    3 weeks ago I came across a video of a man saying his friend told him about the drug and to ask the medics to give him it. And within 24-48 hrs he felt much better and is doing good now..

    • Private People says:

      pauline Mc
      Probably on a Dr Oz video from a few days ago..

    • Natural Kinky Curly―Marie says:

      This drug Hydroxychloroquine has been discussed and used on Hospitalized Coronavirus Patients for almost 2months now. This is Not new. Hydroxychloroquine is being used with Zpack, Zinc & Vit C in all Hospitals. Many recovered and were discharged.

      They’re now trying to see if it can be used to ‘prevent’ the Virus.

  • Remedy This says:

    What have You Got To Lose? Is it going to work for EVERYONE?…No…..Is it possible to work for SOME?..maybe. Even if it works for one person it is a success to me. We dont have time to do all these trials to see if its truely successful. People are dying NOW!!!

  • P Pumpkin says:

    Fauci has missed the boat on testing, the importance of asypmtomatic carriers, and spreading by breathing. Why should we listen to him? Everyone is talking about washing your hands, what you are breathing is more important. This is a disease that hits your lungs. Dr. Fauci can have his nice studies proving or disapproving whatever he wants after everyone is dead. Wear a mask.

  • Divine Reflections says:

    🤔My brother in law and sister had the Virus my brother was on a ventillator and both was given this drug in combination with Azythromycin the antibiotic drug and they went home in 5 days together 🙏♥️…they are continuing their recovery at home

  • T O says:

    I did not know until yesterday that Dr Fauci is a deep Hillery backer. He has been on this job too long and consequently turned into more bearucrat than doctor.

  • jtcouch says:

    Using the French treatment protocol as a prophylactic is the key. This way, the need to enter the ICU are greatly reduced.

  • Lyric4L says:

    My mother has Lupus and has been on this medication for years and she was just diagnosed positive. Please pray for us.

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