Why Are Some People More Infectious Than Others?

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Why Are Some People More Infectious Than Others?

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  • Casandra Olivera says:

    Thank you for all the great and informative videos

  • Joe Man says:

    Maybe Next time you can slow down the text so normal people can read it. Thank you.

  • Penha Azul says:

    ….than others…..

  • Temeka Adams says:

    Not everyone has 20/20 vision just saying

  • Linda Hanson says:

    The answer is simple; some people just can’t keep their germs to themself or respect other people’s personal space!!

  • Steve Simmons says:

    The green fonts are impossible to read. Poor idea

  • K Ford says:

    Uh , not a speed reader. A little slower or narration please.

  • Parwin Ali says:

    SO hard to read😥

  • Jamal Rockguts says:

    “Make an invisible enemy, label it a demon that can move between people. You’re then surrounded by demons, with permission to label them as such.”

    Wang Voho, EPD, MD
    University of North Wyoming

  • Julia Paphitis says:

    “Than” others. Come on Dr.!

  • Andy Vu says:

    I tested positive for corona but all my coworkers are negative. I work in the covid icu unit.

  • Erin Soriano says:

    Annoying music, Doc! Can we work on a happier little tune maybe? I am sick and trying to watch you…

  • sheila 1965 says:

    Thanks Dr. Oz. It’s great being in life with you .

  • Frances Mauceri says:

    In the video ppl show obvious symptoms, yet I know ppl that are in quarantine that have the virus but say they have have no symptoms? and have been tested, one in particular three times already 🤷‍♀️

  • mehmet taha karaoğlu says:

    china says the vaccine is available.Do you have any information about it?

  • faith and grace says:

    Too fast to read. Please slow video down.

  • Giorgio Cooper says:

    The difference is always the same ……. a difference in robustness of the immune system !

  • Mexi Chillin says:

    Oh great TV doctor Ozzhole tell us more forsythia stories. Er I mean Hydracloraquin. Bwahahaha

  • ZiG ZaG Fly says:

    If there are multiple strains of COVID resulting in different levels of severity, would a vaccine protect against all strains ? I heard unofficially that there are 8 strains of evolving COVID virus?

  • Ian Cox says:

    Hey Doc, just curious. Wondering if those who are asymptomatic are those who perhaps use mouthwash regularly. If the virus affects the mouth and nose first, then people breathe it down into their lungs, then those who use mouthwash on a regular basis may not ever allow it to get “bad enough” to affect their lungs. When I use mouthwash for 30 seconds, breathing through my nose, the nasal passage “feels” cleaner as well.

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