Why Are Some People Dying From Coronavirus and Others Aren’t?

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Why Are Some People Dying From Coronavirus and Others Aren't?

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  • Saajan Gulati says:

    Lars Ostberg, PhD. Can someone ask him to develop COVID-19 MAbs, please? He’s an excellent person, innovative and trustworthy. H.

  • Cheryl Swart says:

    Shouldn’t they be practising social distance?

  • Tony Thomas says:

    If you are Healthy your immune system is at its top working condition if your not healthy your immune system is low

  • Albert's Health Channel says:

    Hi Dr. Oz, love your content! Would you mind if I made a video summarizng your some of your health tips?

  • Charlene Schum says:

    With all due respect, ca n you doctor’s and health care providers stop ignoring the importance of vitamin D and get on the same page regarding supplements? It has been very ignorant to not stress Vitamin D and vitamin k2 along with vitamin C etc. Thank you!!

    • Sassy Queen says:

      Kimberly Cox vitamins are not use lees to ppl who don’t have a good or can’t eat at all

    • Sassy Queen says:

      Charlene Schum a multi vitamin provides vitamin d and if your eating healthy you also get many vitamins in your food

    • T J says:

      RITE!!! But they walnt to make money off of this so, they don’t want you to be proactive about your health….I bought Hibiclense to wash our hands up to at least our forearms, it helps keep disease away for up to 24°, WHEN we have to go into public, We have 91% alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the air…i made a green tea , honey and tumeric drink for my family, plus we eat more tomato, apple, VITIMIN D supplement and probiotics for gut health, we walk in our neighborhood to exercise our lungs, and ofcourse multi vitimin and all natural fruit and veggies. They are NOT saying anything we can do to help. I was diagnosed with 4th stage malignant melanoma but it didnt spread to my lymph nodes and my oncologist urged me to do interferon therapy for 11months!!! I said he** NO!!! You mean to tell me , you wwnt me to kill my strong immune system that kept my c from spreading? …at the time, i was a vegitarian , im Vegan now but i cant believe they are NOT trying to help us through this ( except Dr. Oz) I’m also a medical professional . but idk, the dye for nuclear medicine never traveled through my system to see if my lymph nodes lit up, they had to manually go in and biopsy my lymph nodes to see if the cancer spread…the nuclear medicine dye didnt work on me, maybe im part alien or something but i cant believe the lack of info that they are not sharing!!!

    • Sassy Queen says:

      T J it’s not about money

    • Sassy Queen says:

      People need to be more self aware and learn how to play the game It’s mind of matter and educating the misinformed to make better choices and understand how the government is controlling another need the health of the civilian

  • amanda harland says:

    A little late to the party doc lol

  • Raia Kousary says:

    As well as keeping your immunity up – you need to try and avoid contact with the virus fist and formost- ie they should be furthur away from each other. – who knows if one of them is aysmptomatic?

  • Curtistine Miller says:

    Ways to fight viruses,Sleep,manage stress, And vitmian C…..

  • Mona Hoyos says:

    If I have hypothyroidism will that affect the way my body fights the Virus?

  • Melissa Vazquez says:

    Thank you for helping others to know how to take care of ourselves

  • Paul Hebert says:

    Hard to sleep, really stressed about this virus.

  • Rolli Nia says:

    5G destroy your immune systems

  • Kara Hamil says:

    When is part two coming up

  • Clothed Ape says:

    Laughable. And BTW, vitamin D is more important than vitamin C

  • Mike Holly says:

    I just finished up the virus after being tested a week ago positive. I was surprised being in poor health at 68 years of age it really was nothing for me. I had mild symptoms for three days only the common flu I had last year was far worse. Thought I was going to die when I got it the anxiety and the stress that I received from the media was far worse than the stupid virus.

  • Panagis Voutsinas says:

    What the hell kind of kindergarten graphics are those?! zero value in watching this. I would like my 4 minutes and 48 seconds back.

  • T J says:

    I’ve been waiting for this!!! Whats the foods?

  • Samantha Petersen says:

    Why does dr oz still have a studio audience?

  • Christopher Adams says:

    My body’s immune system is waiting for a challenge. Corona might be up to the test but I doubt it. I’ve survive rabies without any shots.

  • Blabla Blabla says:

    But my question is how do I make my wife stop snoring 🤷🏽‍♂️?

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