Why Are More Men Dying From Covid-19 Then Women?

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Why Are More Men Dying From Covid-19 Then Women?

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  • N. Michaels says:

    Who’s in charge of writing your headlines?? It’s THAN not THEN!

  • Amy Ong says:

    Men have more ACE2 enzymes

  • Wendy Sybers says:

    Ugh these headlines are really trying to scare us.

  • Everything Cool says:

    How do the other 83 genders handle corona virus?

  • tmc che says:

    More men dying than women is just an anecdotal observation. We cannot know for sure without first completing a double blind study in a year or two. Don’t believe me, ask Dr Fauci. …end sarcasm…

    • Big Deeper says:

      @I Violanti Personally I have a stash of doxycycline and quercetin to replace the official drug regiment.

      It has always been legal for MDs to use any drug on the market off label. The FDA action is purely political to hold nervous doctors’ hands, that it’s ok for them to save their patients by any means necessary.

    • Roger Elder says:

      @Big Deeper plus hydroxychloroquine is over the counter in many countries and has been for decades. Were it so dangerous it would not be so.

    • I Violanti says:

      @Big Deeper I decided to be proactive and contacted my doctors office , I asked in the event that I or a loved one were in a hospital and suffering from COVID19 would we be able to have the HDQ. I spoke with my doc and also contacted another office and spoke with a NP and was told they would not prescribe it nor any time soon…it kind of left me wondering WTF

    • Big Deeper says:

      @I Violanti As I mentioned before consider using quercetin (over the counter) in conjunction with Zinc supplements. It appears to have similar action to HCQ in making cell membranes permeable to Zinc. Doxycycline as prophylaxis for secondary infections and anti-inflammatory properties.

      Some are also looking at another antiparasitic drug Ivermectin. Also cheap and and in wide use.

    • I Violanti says:

      @Big Deeper Thanks for the info, stay safe, kind and brave

  • johnnybgoode1950 says:

    Men do wait longer to consult doctors. There was a study in 2000 by David Sandman entitled “Out of Touch” that showed that about 80% of men if they were sick would wait to see a doctor.

  • lime piper says:

    Yes being a woman is not a feeling but a BIOLOGICAL REALITY NOT a FEELING .

  • Frank Lo says:

    More men work than women, especially in essentiall jobs,

  • Ivan Buraz says:

    I thought there’s like 55 genders what about them?

  • romansrule1 says:

    best question for NY is what of all the other genders, how are they doing ?

  • Paul Elliott says:

    It’s “than” not “then”. Get a copy Editor!

    • Democrats killed America and I stood by & watched says:

      Well, if men die first, ‘then’ women die.

      PS, guess his copy editor is not an essential worker.

  • Nelly canosa says:

    “Than” women

  • R C says:

    There are scientifically known differences between men and women – who would’ve thought? Lol.

  • Andy Holland says:

    Seems convenient for the CCP. They had the one child policy and murdered mostly baby girls – now they finally having something that goes for retirees – a less productive demographic. Doesn’t due to wipe out the young – finally figured out to go after the old. Yes it is a coincidence – probably.

  • Julia Metcalf says:

    Feel this is more about underlying health issues …want to know the underlying conditions that result in hospitalization & death..then add in genders….is this a wake up for healthier eating

  • Sanctum Sanctorum says:

    More men are dying THAN women.


    The way you phrase it means more men are dying, then women!

  • soli Sanchez says:

    “Don’t mock them mom genes” ( jeans)! 😂😂

  • Suzy Croc says:

    Female wash their hands more than males some males go threw the whole day with out washing their hands we carry 99% of jerms on our hands why we use our hands a lot and touch a million time something that something been touch by someone else who’s probably don’t wash their hands as well. Another stay away from close contact with people remember people look healthy and might be containminated with the virus boost your immune system. One question males, How many times you wash your hands a day? I’m not trying to point fingers just trying to help out I wash my hands the most threw all day and night over 20 times with bleach soap and water I work with disablely clients and my protection as well as my family protection along with the patient too

  • Sunny Day says:

    I’m feeling sad 😥for those families lost theirs love one . Dear lord 🙏please helps us all , thank you.

  • Fullscreen Nationalism says:

    As of a week ago I now identify as female, so I’m good.

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