Why Are Asymptomatic Cases On the Rise?

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Why Are Asymptomatic Cases Of Coronavirus On The Rise And What Can We Learn About The Virus From Those Patients?

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  • Peterbircsak1 says:

    That virus guy needs to get out in the sun.

  • DJ ENGLEWOOD says:

    He said we need to figure out how we are going to persuade people?? Wow

  • t sullivan says:

    vaccines don’t work for mutating virus . good luck with this one. unfortunately cdc and Pharma will lie and have lied in the past about effectiveness of vaccines. real world numbers say influenza vaccines possibly reduce incidence of infection by 1 percent sorry to say. and the MMR vaccine results were tainted by doctors at MERCK years ago to state that it was 95% effective (it was not). so competitors decided the bar was too high and they couldn’t get those kind of results so they stopped research. I personally vaccinated adults for about 8 years. and saw some bad reactions to vaccines. and no one can be held responsible for litigation.

    • BlackPill Jesus says:

      i think with an effective vaccine ,it isnt so muchthat they prevent the disease itself, but it decreases the symptoms and the length of sickness. it does prevent severe disease.

  • John Nowakowski says:

    Asymptomatic cases aren’t on the rise. We are just beginning to realize how may people already got it and didn’t know, which screws up the narrative for the doomsdayers..

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    I’m a 5´3 full grown man 27 year old man. Short stature runs in my blood

  • OldJohn says:

    Why would I want to take a vaccine which more than likely was produced in China? It;s time for Americans to make ALL of our own drugs period. Buy a vaccine produced by the people who started all of this is insane.

  • ycart tosey says:

    maybe zinc defiencies to start. corn and other foods etc interfer with intake. corn is in everything. just a thought.

  • rgbsax says:

    Having tested positive myself and only had head congestion, sinusitis and loss of taste and smell for a week, wouldn’t ‘asymptomatic” mean some have a different viral load and and it didn’t get into the lungs? We have ACE2 receptors all through out the body.

  • I Wonder! says:

    WHY, WHY, WHY are we still on this same track of lumping all coronavirus strains in a big fat vat of confusion & unnecessary fear & dessimation of society as we know it.

    Instead of a vaccine, we should be developing a Covid19, Strain Specific Testing Protocol, that can separate the non lethal, common garden varieties of Coronavirus (of which there are several that are nonchalantly & insignificantly wafting about in the general population) from the significant & lethal new (novel) strain that is fearlessly reaking havoc, on so many poor souls.
    Yes we need to treat the disease & find the best medicines and regimens, but first we must define specifically which disease we are dealing with. We cant afford to waste resources on unnecessary treatments or for that matter, not treat adequately, those that have succumbed to the true CV19 strain.
    Jus’ sayin’, it’s worth thinking about! 🤔

  • umerrPM says:

    they could be on rise from “false-positive” results

  • Roseann Martucci says:

    Why don’t you think they are asymptomatic because they had a FLU SHOT in Sept. Oct etc.

  • Belinda's Wingward says:

    Maybe asymptomatic people have strong immune system.

  • Modern Ruki says:

    Speculating, maybe the answer could be that if an asymptomatic got infected by another asymptomatic the result is no symptoms. On the other hand if a person gets infected by a very very sick person, likewise the risk increase a lot. Just speculating!!!

  • J R says:

    I don’t get it. I thought this was spread through droplets. Why else are we being told to use masks and stores have put up partitions between clerk and customer?

    So if you’re asymptomatic and you’re not sneezing, coughing or speaking “moistly” on people, how can asymptomatic people be the cause of spreading it?

  • Anthony Spicer says:

    For that guy to say all people have to take a vaccine is trying to reinforce what Bill Gates has been saying… For some reason I’m not comfortable with this…. Especially if the vaccine is made in China..

  • James Higginbotham III says:

    How can anyone propose a vaccine when the vaccine for the flu doesn’t even work…no thanks.

  • Clinton N says:

    Cause they’ll test em now. Before you had to fly to Asia for a test..

  • Protean Polymath says:

    Still no mention of Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pack, and Zinc that the Doctor took to get himself cured, but now he wants to push the vaccines on everybody else.

  • Dot Valen says:

    OMG!!!😳😳 So there are alot of people out there or isolated that can have the virus with no symptoms at all..So they are infected and don’t even know it. Wow this is very very scary!!!🙏

  • Dot Valen says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz!!!

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