Why A Woman Sleeps 20 Hours Per Day

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Why A Woman Sleeps 20 Hours Per Day

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  • Evilkitty64 says:

    I wish I could sleep that long, minus the episodal stuff afterwards 😐. I’ve got to go to work. I’m glad she’s gotten help.

  • L A says:

    Idenitity disorder due to trauma x

  • 11STARFIRE says:

    Sleeping Beauty Syndrome was initially given depression medicine.
    Doctors in America will write a prescipt for depression meds faster than an anti-biotic for a wound.

    • Nikki Velazco says:

      Well yes they will but that’s bc overprescribing of antibiotics has become a more profound issue so to speak. Antibiotic resistance affects more than 2 million people each year and creates Superbugs that can not be treated. Every wound does not need antibiotics, only the ones showing signs of severe infection.

  • Marina Etue says:

    I sleeep a lot too but I don’t have like “episodes” I wish I could figure out what’s going on with me too, I can just sleep the day away. But I do t sleep through things like her… not as bad as her for sure but something…

  • Sugar Xyler the foot model says:

    I like to sleep at least 9 hours but my cat likes to knock on my bedroom door


    Maybe they should give her medicine by lowering her Melatonin

  • Jane h says:

    I could probably sleep that long if my bladder didnt wake me up!

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    That would be awful , prayers 🙏

  • January says:

    So…like…um…She has the luxury of sleeping instead of having to work to pay for her tatoos and a roof over her head

  • Makeup By Ghada says:

    I sleep 15 hours a day i need help

  • Movie Star Sir Chad Everhart GCA says:

    I’ve got afew things I could say but these guidelines prevent honesty

  • Scott Kraemer says:

    Oh please no woman who sleeps 20 hours a day would be plump. That would fall under the 18 hour fasting and she’d be svelt and in great shape.

  • giselle joseph says:

    This is serious

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