When Your Birth Mother Is Diane Downs

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When Your Birth Mother Is Diane Downs

The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Michelle N. Sirca says:

    I believe that stranger is my mom…… Acting like a female…… That guy looks like Joel Michael! Trump’s real family has the same last name as Melissa! I don’t know I just know I’ve been lied to since I was a kid and I don’t know why things are leading me here! To the name Diane. I have 5 siblings. Including myself. 6:14-6:15: she sticks tongue in cheek on left side…. As per Oz hinting or told her about sacrificing her mom…. Which I think… I was* with that guy that they have a picture of…. Acting like my mother…. He looks just like Joel Michael. She closed her mouth slightly. She looks like the guard of princess Diana.

    • Michelle N. Sirca says:

      @LaraCroftEyes1 Joe Biden?

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Don’t bring politics on this channel.

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Yo Mama’s Gun was just asking you a simple question.

    • Michelle N. Sirca says:

      @LaraCroftEyes1 don’t you get this person just came here to show me her profile and her evil smile, she controls Trump. She also looks like the girl controlling my sister. And who I mentioned earlier. Someone went into my email and sent something from my phone with a death threat to Trump, 216. But I don’t want to. Alot of people don’t care even if they don’t know you, they will still mess with everything in your life, rape you, your siblings, your kids, blackmail you, family, people around you. Make them kill people. Sickos that need mental help. Also I don’t care if you stole my profiles, emails and think you can scare me. I didn’t ask you for your help or abuse but you gave it anyway. I can tie identity theft to 2001.

    • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

      Get help Yo Mama’s Gun wasn’t showing you evil smile and that no one controlling Trump and no one went through your email all you’re doing here is trolling which has nothing to with Dr, Oz video.

  • Malca's Grace says:

    What about Lie detecter test ??

  • linda daniels says:

    I remember watching the made for tv movie one of Charlie Angels portrayed her

  • Miriam Kemp Barbara Knight says:

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • robinbrl says:

    This is very heartbreaking. I hope that the daughter will find some peace.

  • cheri Montana says:

    I lived in a town not far from where this happened. I will never forget this. How horrific it was.

  • MrJamesdryable says:

    When Doctor Oz starts having meme-speak titles.

  • Tressa Arasheben says:

    Diane Downs used to tell (ALLEGE to) me that she was “innocent.”
    At that time I wanted to believe her.
    However, it was some months later, when I personally witnessed her behaviour, in prison, that it all became crystal clear to me that she was and is a sociopath.
    Innocence does not exist in her realm.

  • LaraCroftEyes1 says:

    Diane has dead cold eyes.

  • Vilia Bone says:

    why is dr oz hosting this?

  • Nora Mart says:

    Jenelle Evans (from teen mom) looks like Diane Downs 😂 I swear.

  • thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid says:

    Why was she allowed to have other children.

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