When Will We Have Robust Testing For Any American Who Needs A Test?

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When Will We Have Robust Testing For Any American Who Needs A Test?

And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.

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  • Laura Martian says:

    Didn’t the president say that weeks ago?

  • poodle dog says:

    Let’s find a cure with some meds.

  • Levon Hirapetyan says:

    It will take 500 days to test everyone in USA. What are you talking about. Keep distance, have mask and wash hands…

  • Glen Pointe says:

    wondering why we don’t look into blood types. From previous pandemic, viruses thrived in certain blood types and I don’t hear it this time.

  • Trang Nguyen says:

    Why ask questions? Get it done.

  • Gnosis7 says:

    I’m surprised that very few doctors, in spite of their PhD’s understand that if everyone wore a medical-grade mask, social distancing would not be necessary! Look at South Korea for example. Their public transport is open for business, people are packed in at close proximity but nobody is getting infected! Why? Because the body fluids containing the virus are not going to jump from one person wearing a mask to another person wearing a mask! It also prevents you from touching your mouth and nose. Please get this through you thick skulls! We can open our economy tomorrow and pack buses, trains, airplanes, sporting events and museums if we were provided with a high quality mask. Do something about this and stop talking about social distancing!

    • S S says:

      I agree but I would go a step further and say keep the distance for a period of time after Everyone wearing masks for that same period of time then start taking masks off regionally so this can be monitored and tracked that no more outbreaks occur while the vaccine is being developed hopefully soon

    • AcousticTheory says:

      They’ll probably say that when the documentary is made about this whole thing.

    • Hope Rising says:

      Meanwhile our CDC is saying masks give a false sense of security so what was why people shouldn’t have worn them at first.

  • Lynn McKenna says:

    Please, Dr OZ- STOP with the National Enquirer style of reporting and just GET TO THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!

  • glx490 says:

    Antibody testing should be every country’s national priority no.1. Get the immune back to work. Return on investment of 1 million%.
    Also get voluntary blood donations from the immune to isolate antibodies to help the desperately sick.

  • hokeypokeyalso1 says:

    These two didn’t give any information for us locked down in our homes.

  • Gary Law says:

    Any plan is only as good as the ability to execute it. We need to begin opening the economy soon, starting in May. If the plan to do that is dependent on wide spread anti-body testing, then the plan is unrealistic and a fantasy. At some point we are going to have to admit that re-opening the economy will come with significant risk because we don’t have complete information, but we have do it otherwise we are risking a much worse outcome.

  • Louie Cypher says:

    We need mass reusable testing that only detects coronavirus. How hard can that be?? We pump out guns and cars and weapons for the military every day left and right, and there are more guns than people here in America. I’m believing this is being done on purpose now.

    • Mike O'Brien says:

      Now that there is demand, industry will make them. It just takes a little time.

    • Jhonny Chacha says:

      @Mike O’Brien time we dont have on this virus, why dont you treat yourself if you have it.

    • AcousticTheory says:

      It’s harder than making a gun, or military machine, or vehicle. It requires much more experimentation and research in carefully controlled lab environments, so there is data to underpin the decisions in engineering the test method. When we talk about any of those other goods you described, there are decades or even hundreds of years of engineering development that have been refined to the point of being able to produce the product you purchase. What does it help if some people put some kind of juice in a plastic tube and tell you that it’s “a test”, but it can’t test anything at all? In the mean time, they’ve run off with your money (or in this case, Uncle Sam’s money, which was once your money).

    • So Fly says:

      Will the test discern corona 19 from corona b?

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 12 minutes and 22 seconds left to live”


  • 63 Rambler says:

    We don’t need to test everyone. We need to test everyone who uses mass transit, lives in a large city, or is in a risk group.

  • aka AAA says:

    I love when “experts” say we are far behind other countries when S. Korea has 1/6th, Japan 1/2, Germany 1/5th of our population. Our private sector is ramping up more and more everyday.

    • AcousticTheory says:

      There is no universe in which we would have had enough test capability in the USA to test all people in the country, individually, for this specific virus, nor will we in the future. We can begin doing randomized testing now of a sample group of healthy individuals to determine the extent of public involvement – the number of people who are over the disease already, with antibodies IgM/IgG that indicate approximately how long ago they were infected, and the number who have the virus still shedding in their system with no symptoms. Early evidence is that many, many more people are asymptomatic carriers than the CDC’s original 1-in-4 number. And if your sample is large enough and diverse enough, then it become representative of the entire population. And once you learn that a certain proportion have had the virus, then you can declare when “herd immunity” has decreased infection risk to an acceptable level (which would probably be an infection rate similar to the flu).

    • Ed G says:

      I disagree, those in charge of testing have blown it and should be fired. The initial test put out had such a high failure rate it was known within days, how did that get by those in charge? Why are county health departments not playing a larger role? Guess how TB and Polio was taken out, they were proactive. It seems to me that so many are waiting for someone else to take care of the situation. To reopen we need aggressive testing as well as antibody testing. Trump is wrong, you can get infected by someone that has no symptoms and you yourself have no symptoms. By going into the work place how many are you going to infect, or even your parents or grandparents.

    • aka AAA says:

      @Ed G You don’t go from Fauci saying this isn’t going to be that bad in February to opps nationwide testing overnight. He brought in the private commercial labs and testing is ramping up. The rapid test is only about a week old. I know Trump critics want it done overnight, but no one who is even slightly objective thinks Obama would have been prepared or done it better. He screwed up the Swine Flu from the beginning and hardly improved the testing capacity of this country if at all.

  • Jhonny Chacha says:

    Instead of test we need to know the first aid the treatment so the infection will not spread. Insidecthe body.
    Does the test do you any good no because instead of treatment your waiting for that test and your wasteing precious time. Treating your sepf for tge unfection

  • Bill Conger says:

    The problem is you could catch covid while waiting for test results, or the next day. Antibody testing seems beneficial.

  • Bill Conger says:

    South Korea is doing so much better than the USA.. they identify the positive cases and treat early with meds and quarantine…we aren’t doing anything, i here positive, very sick people are being turned away at hospitals.. no good.

  • Tom Malchert says:

    If we did test after test after test in the second war we would still be in that war……..It’s time to try what we already have

  • Rita S. says:

    I thought I heard that these tests would start rolling out early May, now it’s June? Oy!

  • Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    We only need the antibody testing now, the diagnostic testing is no longer necessary or realistic anymore unless you are sick with virus symptoms

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