What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Fitness trainer Drew Manning reveals how a ketogenic lifestyle helped him lose weight within half a year, Then, he explains much fat, protein, and carbohydrates are needed to stay in ketosis, a state where the body burns fat for fuel.

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  • Simply Me Tay says:

    I just started watching your YouTube channel videos around Keto…and bam, this is uploaded!

  • Berndinho86 says:

    My life has changed since I found out how to lose.weight. I have lost 39 pounds in 2 months since I started taking this Ketogenic Diet my stomach is smaller and I have more energy.

    • Jp says:

      Keto pills make scumbags rich

    • JN-777-NR ¿ says:

      Berndinho86 SCAM this is a fake account all the videos on her channel are the same video but different thumbnails

    • David O'Bryant says:

      Sure we know sugar, simple carbs, and even dairy are bad, but I don’t see how eating whole vegetables is a problem? What about digestion, soluble fiber, brain function, serotonin levels, cofactors, essential micronutrients, and more that we get from vegetables and even fruit? How can you be healthy if you are lacking in these areas and functions of the body. My body doesn’t function on high fats alone. I need fiber. I mostly eat carbs, fats, and limit protein. I lost 100 lbs staying active by biking and boxing and also have a six pack with loads of stamina. I did not do Keto once. Bacon also has nitrites and those do cause cancer and are inflammatory. I don’t agree that vegetables or tubers are unhealthy when we’ve obviously evolved eating them. I have more energy reserves and could climb a mountain better than you because I eat more carbs and probably have better gut health and brain health than someone on Keto. It’s unnecessary, so therefore not worth it. Vegetables serve a purpose and are healthier than bacon. Complex carbs, as in fiber, are essential for a healthy body. You obviously haven’t seen the studies in China where they changed their diet to mostly meat and fats without increasing sugar or simple carbs and they still contracted cancer. It’s called balance. Eating mostly ice cream is bad, eating mostly protein is bad, eating mostly carbs is bad, eating mostly fats is bad. It’s pretty obvious. Let’s go hiking or biking you won’t last a minute. I walk up stairs with people who are supposedly healthy all the time. Some are body builders, athletes, and even other boxers. I have noticed they all breathe heavily while going up the stairs and I don’t, yet they all have special diets, including Keto. Fiber in high quantities is essential for many bodily functions. Keto limits complex fiber intake and is therefore not the answer to a balanced body, mind, and soul.

    • Gia Phillips says:

      That channel just keep posting the same videos over and over total crap!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mohd Tohfa Siddiqui says:


  • Grace Mccraw says:

    It’s not really a diet,you have to change your way of eating forever,best decision ever made.

  • Gregory Michaels says:

    No worries people you don’t have to EAT 70% sticks of butter to do keto: You can do pecans, avocado’s, bacon, ribeyes, dark meat chicken quarter with the skin, salmon, etc…. you can add olive oils, butters or coconut and oil based dressings, ranch, caesar etc…that are higher in fat, you can eat all the green salads you can handle, you can do asparagus, brocolli, cauliflower (made into mashed versions is just like having regular potato mashed) etc…. It’s a great way to eat. It’s enjoyable. You can also have cheeses and dairy just not SKIM versions. You can have heavy whipping cream in your coffee and even sweeten it with Stevia or artificial sweeteners just not sugar. You’ll probably FEEL a few day of your body changing so drink alot of water and stay up on your electrolytes. You don’t have to worry about salt on this diet either you flush etc sodium. So use pink sea salt on your food and even salt substitutes like Nu Salt that have potassium. You might want to supplement with a Magnesium too. It’s a great way to live lost 50 pounds on it since December so far. You feel great, mentally focused, alert and calm. The first week you’ll have a few ups and downs while you’re going into ketosis but if you drink alot of water and keep up on electrolytes you probably will not have anything much at all.

    • Gregory Michaels says:

      @quaweeguy How long did you do Keto? If you did it for a week then you were going through the Keto flu or sugar/carb withdrawals.

    • quaweeguy says:

      @Gregory Michaels 4 months

    • Teri June says:

      Artificial sweeteners which is a common mistake of diabetic people, actually can make your blood sugar go up and it’s now linked to weight gain and people falling off of their weight loss. FAKE STUFF hurts us. NATURAL STUFF IS GOOD FOR PEOPLE. I’d prefer a good sweet fruit or even a can of pineapple if you get a craving for sweets. But the high fat diet seems to make those cravings disappear. Haven’t started the high fat, or Keto plan but am doing more research to see other people’s results.

    • Priscila Bracalente says:

      You are the best bro,very thx for the explanations

    • Gabby ropati says:

      Can u text me!? I need ur advise

  • Barbara Rudy says:

    I’m sure his boss, Oprah, doesn’t like him promoting Keto too much since her Weight Watchers stocks have plummeted.

  • Daniel Trammell says:

    The doctor to ask is Dr. Berg on YouTube, he also have live show on YouTube Friday 11:00am EST

  • Düz Adam says:

    He should have invited Dr. Eric Berg.

  • GREAT expectations says:

    I started my Keto diet march 3, 2019, my waist measured 44 inches at the start, today march, 23, 2019 my waist measured 37 inches..I’m ECSTATIC!!

  • Eric Izaguirre says:

    The dr I worked with showed me his before and after photos and he got the same results

  • Kenbo Jones says:

    What really bothers me is people promoting processed foods on keto. Keto is great, but you HAVE to eliminate processed foods, no matter what the package says. It’s POISON! Don’t eat it.

  • audrey sandoval says:

    Dr. Oz acts like he doesn’t know these things.

    • Jay Rev says:

      Lol yeah. He was concerned about the good fats

    • Lactose Independent says:

      He probably doesnt. The guy listed coconut oil, avocado oil, fat from beef. These are all saturated fats, but the Oz immediately replies with “so not many saturated fats.” He is another doctor who has been misinformed about biology and how cholesterol and saturated fats work

  • Don Dadda says:

    “I wasn’t prepared for this” proceeds to rip shirt up immediately.

  • C D says:

    when the belly gets smaller , the smile gets bigger.

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  • UHFStation1 says:

    Why is a personal trainer lecturing a heart surgeon? Does Dr. Oz ever have a dietitian on?

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