What You Need to Know About President Trump’s COVID-19 Treatment

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President Trump will remain in Walter Reed Medical Center for a “few days” as a precautionary measure following the announcement Friday that he “remains fatigued but in good spirits.” In addition, the president’s physician said he had been administered a Regeneron antibody cocktail. Here’s what you need to know about the treatment – and what this development means for the president’s condition.

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  • mommaladybug1 says:

    Why didn’t they use HCQ? They know he doesn’t have side effects from it

  • peapotter3 says:

    Thanks Dr. Oz. Appreciate you.

  • T- Grace says:

    I pray for quick recovery for him in Jesus name..Amen🙏

  • Wendy Lee G. says:

    Thanks Dr. Oz and staff!

  • Marie Frontera says:

    Thx dr Oz !!!

  • Carmencita Davis says:

    Dr Oz I appreciate you giving us an update on Donald Trump condition but I want to know how is your mother doing

  • B T says:

    Our Prayers and Thoughts to President Trump and First Lady from Ontario Canada.🙏

  • Meme's Sweet T says:

    I am praying for President Trump’s recovery in Jesus name I pray, Amen

  • Yemishaw says:

    Give him chloroquine

  • Linda Obrien says:

    Thank you for the update.prayers that he and melania have a complete, total, rapid recovery!

  • MorFun Slots says:

    Praying 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • B Sweat says:

    I’m praying for them both! This Covid-19 is no joke. It hurts! It messed up my 68yr old brain REALLY bad. Lord, have Mercy on US, and on the whole world.

  • CeCe Love says:

    Regeneron cocktail has excellent data. He’ll be fine. Love you TRUMP

  • Catherine E Sam says:

    Praying for the President and the First Lady speed and complete recovery in Jesus’s name. Amen

  • Sponge Bobb says:

    Trump got trumped by himself. Hope he and his wife get better.

  • Mary Cisneros says:

    am praying for him and his wife to get well soon Trump


    Thank you Dr. Oz for the updates. Prayers for their family for sure!

  • Julie Taylor says:

    Didn’t Dr Oz down play COVID-19?

  • Can Gorken says:

    Trump is atrong person , he will beat the corona . Respect from Turkey

  • Rosaelina V says:

    Thank you, for keeping us inform! my prayers are with him and family; and American and around the world too.

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