What You Need To Know Abou DIY Face Masks

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What You Need To Know Abou DIY Face Masks

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  • TubeYouJet says:

    I bet Dr Birx is upset about her scarfs being ineffective.

  • Bunnies and Roses says:

    all I need to know is that we should have been wearing them in Feb.

  • T W says:

    The video is cutting in and out. But nice video if I could see and hear it.

  • Kimberly Howard says:

    They were interviewing a lady in her car the other day and she had a pretty mask it was all falling down, she kept moving it around, playing with it, over and over SMH if you do not get them made properly dont wear them.

  • Danielle Walker says:

    The question I wanted to ask was how long you stay protected Where it when you’re using the items

  • Beryl Howlett says:

    It’s as if they don’t want you protecting yourself.
    At every little significant part it starts buffering.
    Now if refuses to continue

  • Leia Burgess says:

    Best test would be to try blowing out a candle.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Viruses are small and may get through material. If you can’t breathe you are hurting yourself.

  • Anio says:

    Dr. Oz? Have you heard that in China they used masks with copper? And that copper kills the Corona virus?

  • Marlena Baker says:

    Duh, double or triple fold the bandana

  • Horse Power05 says:

    A hydrometer tells you the airflow. Flashlight shining through a filter just tells you if it’s dirty. Airflow is by how many microns is the filter is.

  • God of Diseases says:

    Another great work. I am a doctor and trying to give medical information.

  • UnderLust_Sins says:

    I have one of those loop-scarves form the dollar store and I tied off the ends with elastics, but put a piece of paper towel in the middle.

  • James Davis says:

    Still not willing to own up to thinking that 2-3 million schoolchildren are expendable? Weirdo.

  • Margarette Pisoni says:

    Dr.Oz. Please tell us if using hepa vacuum filters to make masks is safe?

  • Linn Sands says:

    Need to buy a mask to contact me to help more people

  • face mask says:

    the bad news is the covid still will for a while.
    the good news is,include china. can make plenty of epidemic prevention materials per day now.

  • Margaret Allen says:


  • Keto Solution says:

    This is really timely given the shortage of masks caused by our completely inept leadership in this country!

  • BahamianLily says:

    Nothing about not re-using disposable masks or how to clean the DIY masks???

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