What Will Be The Lasting Effects Be On “Generation Corona”?

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What Will Be The Lasting Effects Be On "Generation Corona"?

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  • Germangirl says:

    Please everybody watch Dr.Rashied Buttar interview on utube.And start researching .love to you all

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    I have singing in my blood. I have been singing since I was only 4 years old. I have singing in blood. My parents were proffesional singers 🎤

  • str1xt says:

    What is more flakey than a snowflake? Maybe give them bigger safe spaces? What have you done to this generation? Feeble minded parenting. Get a grip you flakes.

  • Mike Marder says:

    Do some HIIT

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    Most teenagers are taller than me. I’m a 5´3 stature full grown man. I’m only 5´3

  • وجهة NADHAR says:

    good job sir continue in this

  • Gaby Deleon says:

    @DoctorOz I really appreciate you speaking to this. The news is definitely not helping either with all the negativity. We watch the news on our phones so our 2 kids don’t have to hear it. My son is 8 and when my husband had to start working 3 times a week in the office a couple a weeks ago, my son went up to him teary eyed and said he didn’t want to lose him. We lost my dad last year to COPD and my son was extremely close to him so that feeling of losing someone is still really fresh. We honestly didn’t even realize he was paying close attention to our conversations while playing minecraft. They are going through a lot these days too. I’ve read that child abuse has gone up dramatically and even child abuse leading to death. No one is reporting on it or at least on how to cope with everything that’s happening. Instead they focus on politic blame games and offer no solutions. I haven’t seen anyone report of how mortgage companies are deferring payments for at least 3 months to 6 months. Mine placed it on hold for 6 months and all I did was go on to their website to request assistance. It was super convenient. Auto loans, credit cards, cell phone providers are deferring payments too. Spectrum is offering free internet if you have kids in school. Utility companies are also finding ways to help. I’m sure we can research and ask… but it would be nice and relieve a lot of stress if the so called news reporters did what they are trained to do and help do the research for us and REPORT on it.

  • KETO Diamond Channel says:

    There will be a lot of people with new mental illness after this. People are fighting all over my news feeds about ” we should reopen “, “we should not reopen because everyone is gonna die”. Living in fear will only weaken your immune system.

  • Jaclyn Monique says:

    My little sister said this actually is stressing her out because she is not able to walk the stage for her hs graduation. And she made the honor roll to boot!

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