What We Can Learn About Reopening America From Other Countries Covid-19 Strategies

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What We Can Learn About Reopening America From Other Countries Covid-19 Strategies

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  • Huddy says:

    wanna be friends?


    This vid is soooo cool


    This vid is soooo cool

  • Eddie Persa says:

    Why Dr. Oz don´t you talk anymore with Dr. Raoult ?

  • Jenni Lee says:

    After many many hours and years of research on Fungi and Diseases, due to my own past illness. I truly believe (without a doubt) that COVID19 is a strain of Penicillium (Fungi, Which normally causes the seasonal flu) the reason this year is different is due to the wet soil conditions from high amounts of rainfall ( making it more contagious and deadly than previous years)The last few years have caused a mass of locusts to multiply and swarm across the world. This has created massive swarms that fly and spread dropping feces on crops infecting everything it touches.. During these swarms the locusts also disturb the penicillium spores as they travel causing them to increase the amount of spores in the air when they travel in higher amounts than previous years…

    Fungi is a double stranded RNA Virus so is Penicillium Marneffei also both contain a genuine T=1 cap.. Penicillium grows in the soil and on crops.. And the spores become airborne when disturbed.
    We MUST MUST stop this virus before they start trying to inject people with a mRNA vaccine to treat the dsRNA found in CoVid19.. I strongly believe this mRNA Vaccine will slowly kill them. That’s Fungi main job!! Decomposing material and bodily flesh.. Please do your research and stand up against this!! We must sound our voices.. Millions of lives depend on it…. mRNA vaccine has Never Been used before ever!!


    • Tim CAMPBELL says:

      I concur. I lived in the toxic mold house with 13 years and doctors were Clueless to my flu-like symptoms. The hantavirus outbreak was caused by rainfall. The rain produce more vegetation for the mouse population to grow and spread the virus. I am now hyper sensitive to mold and I can smell it on all my fruits and vegetables that I buy from the grocery store. The virus is everywhere, even in the outside air. I had a mild case of coronavirus but I still had mold antibodies in my blood from my toxic HUD home. The city of Detroit made the problem ten times worse by tearing down all the toxic mold infested HUD homes in spreading the mold into the air and water drain systems.

  • Jacque B says:

    The key phrase “ We have to learn how to care for one another instead of just ourselves. “ My country has broken my heart during this illness.

  • infinatenik says:

    Zinc is king in this protocol

  • Threec Turner says:


  • Muhammad Quddus says:

    The word is: “Science.” Great show and a great guest.

  • Elaine Humphrey says:

    I have heard about rantes on a different site. Can you address this?

  • Kaizen Approach says:

    this is not science

  • Everything Bakery says:

    During the AIDS outbreak they never shut the country down and till today the is NO VACCINE the cdc just told use how to protect ourselves and left it up to us as adults to use the brain we were given to protect ourselves. I am tired of the Democrats treating us as kids and insulting the people by not letting us think for ourselves,This must stop And get the USA open because if we have learned anything by the Aids outbreak no cure , vaccine ever came.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    They targeted nursing homes? Test kits may be contaminated and give false positive. They could target certain people with the test kits. New York put Corona virus patients in nursing homes to me to kill of the rest of the people. Simulations/movies/media scared people and the fear is hurting people more than the virus. God bless all!

  • Shasha8674 says:

    People maybe healthy and know it so go out to the restaurant and are desperate to stop the isolation. Test kits may give them the virus and give false positive so they pretend people were dumb to go out. Very sad! Sunlight helps the immune system and being happy. Stress hurts the immune system…lowers B vitamins/Zn/Progesterone. Being careful is only to pretend they are doing things the “right way”. Masks may not help and lower oxygen/incubate germs/don’t let you interact with the microbiome which stimulates the immune system. Vaccines may not help and may hurt/destroy health/kill. The vaccines are not the answer. Natural help works awesome and God gave it to us. Contact tracing abuses rights around the world in America. A 2nd wave can be due to test kits being contaminated and give them the virus. 3rd wave…vaccine sheds the virus to others and may kill/destroy health and not help. 4th wave may be from 5G. 6th wave maybe from starvation due to the “:left” trashing the weather…flooding farmers. Arrest the spread is more like arrest and spread it more by stress and abuse. The person you interviewed the most has the worse ideas. Please promote Alternative medicine which can protect all and not hurt people.

  • tmc che says:

    Dr Oz,
    Still waiting. What are the results of the Medicare and insured patient survey of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients contracting covid19?

    Since POTUS and frontline medical care personnel are using HCQ as a prophylaxis, I think the answer to the above request for results of the survey is understood.

  • tmc che says:

    Dr Lipkin is an expert. In the realworld we all know what that really means.

    Compare Sweden to the police state lockdowns of blue states, UK, France, Spain,… individual states are analogous to individual countries within Europe.

    Look at the real data Dr expert. Quit making judgements about your perception of culture and ‘social safety nets’ … one size does not fit all. Look at the data.
    Look at first order variables, eg population density, eg NYC vs upstate NY.

  • Perry Night says:

    Hey dr. Oz you’re starting to sound like a broken record when you keep talkin about open up too early when are you going to talk about opening up to late.

  • Andrew Strakele says:

    COVID-19 appears to be a Subset of Metabolic Syndrome, a MUCH larger Worldwide Pandemic. COVID-19 exploits the SAME areas of the Body that are ALREADY heavily damaged by the Oxidative Stress and Systematic Inflammation of chronic Hyperinsulinemia and High Blood Sugar. The Comorbidities (Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Kidney Disease, Respiratory Conditions) causing Serious Complications with COVID-19 , right down to the bluish red skin lesions termed “COVID Toes”, are nothing different than those experienced by NON-INFECTED people in the advanced stages of Diabetes. https://youtu.be/rabitB4zM_c presents a discussion of the PROBLEM and its Dietary SOLUTION. 👍

    With the Systemic Inflammation of Metabolic Syndrome, the Immune System is ALREADY Compromised before exposure to SARS-CoV-2. Nutrients critical to proper Immune System function, like Vitamin D and Zinc, are ALREADY Severely Depleted before the Virus ever invades the Body. Cytokine production, a Feature of the Immune Response, is no longer kept in check due to a depletion of specific Immune Cells designed to regulate it. As a result, it turns into a “Cytokine Storm”, causing further damage.

    COVID-19 seriously affects those who are ALREADY Metabolically VERY UNHEALTHY. One has to ask, “How Metabolically Unhealthy are we going to allow the World Population to become before something is done?” (SARS-CoV-2 may be testing the Upper Limit! 🙀) and “What can be done to reverse this trend?” It’s going to involve treating the CAUSE of Metabolic Syndrome, rather than the myriad symptoms.

    What is the Cause of Metabolic Syndrome? Recent research points to chronic Hyperinsulinemia from consuming a Diet TOO RICH in Carbohydrates (Sugar & Starch) TOO FREQUENTLY during the Day. It’s ALL About the INSULIN! 👈. A Healthy KETOGENIC DIET with INTERMITTENT FASTING is ALL ABOUT Reducing Oxidative Stress and Inflammation from Hyperinsulinemia and High Blood Sugar. Food IS Medicine…Just without the nasty Side Effects. 😺

    A Ketogenic Diet drastically cuts down on the consumption of Carbohydrates (Sugar & Starch), limiting the Oxidative Stress from spikes in Blood Insulin resulting from the High Blood Sugar from Carbs when EATING. Then, simply by extending the Intermittent Fasting (NOT Eating) that EVERYONE does during Sleep, Blood Insulin and Blood Sugar are kept at lower Optimal Levels for Most of the Day. The Body adapts to using FAT, including the Body’s stored Fat, as a source of Energy, rather than Carbohydrates. A Ketogenic Diet also reduces Oxidative Stress and Inflammation by eliminating inflammatory Seed Oils, commonly used in the production of Highly Processed Junk Foods.

    The Ketogenic-Approved Foods (see https://www.drberg.com/blog/ketogenic-diet-plan-food-list-cheat-sheet-pdf ) are Low Glycemic, Low Carb, WHOLE Foods, that help MANAGE Insulin and Blood Sugar, as well as Support the Immune System. You can construct a Vegan, Omnivore, or Carnivore Diet program from them. For more details on how to do a Ketogenic Diet RIGHT, see the Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Sten Ekberg, Dr. Nick Zyrowski, Dr. Paul Saladino, or Dr. Shawn Baker Youtube Channels and Websites. If you are Insulin Resistant (Most Folk’s ARE) and have some of the common Comorbidities that cause Serious Complications with COVID-19, check out https://meatrx.com/category/success-stories/ to see how a near ZERO Carb Ketogenic Diet has dealt with them. 👍 In fact, a Ketogenic Diet with Intermittent Fasting works so Fast in reversing the effects of Metabolic Syndrome, you’ll need to consult with your Doctor if taking any Medications. For example, if taking Meds to lower Blood Sugar, you’ll find you will quickly head towards Hypoglycemia at your current dosage.

    So don’t just sit and wait for COVID-19, CHOOSE to DO SOMETHING to reduce your Oxidative Stress and Inflammation, giving you a better chance of avoiding a trip to the Hospital. 👍

  • KC C says:

    Absolutely nothing new here that I saw

  • Roy Rice says:

    In 1918 San Francisco re-opened too. Too early. And it backfired. They had to “re-close”. Learn from history.

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