What Treatment Seems To Work To Lessen Symptoms?

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What Treatment Seems To Work To Lessen Symptoms?

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  • Five Dee says:

    Oz, you should also bring on homeopathic physicians in addition to conventional medicine, since your show’s recipes started to bend in that direction some while ago. If nothing more for at least preventative maintenance & nutrition to build immune system.

  • Cherry Misha says:

    **PULL THE TRIGGER** that definitely frightens people

  • john voss says:

    Just think of the hundreds of millions wasted by Bloomberg that could have been used for this !

  • Karen O says:

    Those things are to prevent infection, not treat an existing one.

  • Nicola B says:

    Antibody treatment makes great sense. Praying for a healthy world <3

  • Diane Diehl says:

    Think Doctor thought your question was “cure” as to the garlic etc.,For example, sore throats gargle salt warm water is soothing – your question was to give comfort not to cure.

  • Ruthless 4 Life says:

    Every day we are able to wake up without symptoms is a gift. I learned a valuable lesson. We also know life is too short and needs to appreciate what’s around us. We can’t take life for granted but take advantage and enjoy it. My procrastination made me realize I should have done more fun things with my boys. It’s nice to be at home but they can drive me nuts.

  • dave z says:

    how about gargle with salt water?

  • M Ladd says:

    The government really does not care if they lose a few million social security old people! Just think of the money they save!

  • My Name says:

    The doctor says natural remedies won’t work? Shocking…..🙄

  • Rivas Heart says:

    Garlic builds immunity.

  • coachlady 68 says:

    Prayers !and distance ! and handwashing is a must!🙏🏽 don’t forget to sterilize your cell 📱

  • 144Donn says:

    I have found nothing better than taking a VERY hot bath! After getting in, slowly ramp up the temp until it is actually difficult to be in the water. You want to jack your core temperature up and create a good sweat. Stay in the water 15-20 minutes ..obviously not hurting yourself, but right at the edge. You’ll find it difficult to get out of the tub because you are so drawn. Dry off as best you can, and lay down for 15 minutes. You will continue to give off heat and sweat as your body temp decreases. By raising the temp of your core, you are helping your body kill and weaken the virus’ envelope, as it is heat sensitive. This is the reason we get a fever, to burn out bacteria and viruses. Take a series of baths like this and in a few days you will recover. It is intense and it is good!

  • Thomas says:

    This lady doctor towards the end is reading from a script and does sound convincing at all. SMFH

  • Moj Shoj says:

    It is for Dr oz ,only
    In Iran one of doctors that got corona virus and survived
    Said ,keep your self warm
    Eat and drink warm ,this virus hates heat.not burn your mouth
    Keep home warm ,but every few hour open window, change the air ,
    For fever ,Acetomenophen
    For that terrible cough,diphenhydramin
    Warm Soup ,
    juice,water warm or cold ,just
    Get it ,warm is better, enough vitamin C,(always have it ,to be strong ,but not too . much)
    Try to fight but have eyes on it ,and most important always ask God to help .

  • mic jam says:

    i appreciate these Dr’s taking time to chat with us.. stay safe!!

  • Cristuff Levi says:

    Doctors are never fans and have been trained in my opinion against holistic medicine

    • Cristuff Levi says:

      For every sickness there is a natural cure just more people are so far removed. What fights pneumonia what builds the t cells and other cells you would be surprised

    • Tiny Tim says:

      And yet holistic Dr can’t cure my baldness… After thousands of years but in two weeks they have a cure for Corona. Those are the same people that go to the hospital after they realize their bs medical knowledge doesn’t work

    • Quick PS Tuts says:

      ​@Astraea Natsuki I agree that if someone has severe symptoms or already has the virus, they shouldn’t rely on it fully. However, holistic living can help prevent the severity or existence of many viruses and diseases. We do need medicine in some cases, but we also need to learn more about what can holistically strengthen our immune systems.

    • Righteous says:

      Quick PS Tuts you’re a cerebral midget.

    • Quick PS Tuts says:

      @Righteous Why thank you! lol

  • Jackson Redstar says:

    no mention at all of Vitamin C, or D. Imagine that.

  • quasimobius says:

    Then, I fed my cilia. And I’m glad I did, after having a yahoo part my hair with his deliberately forced cough a couple weeks back. If it wasn’t for those so eager to share the misery I wouldn’t have got sick. Fortunately, I had the healthiest mucous ever during a respiratory illness. The green tea and honey was foremost in my self-medicating, no chemicals at all, just all natural.


    The latest data discourages *_ALL_* NSAID anti-inflammatory’s, including acetaminophen. Fever associated with COVID-19 should be left to resolve on its own.

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