What The Doctor Researching Hydroxychloroquine Needs To Complete His Work

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What The Doctor Researching Hydroxychloroquine Needs To Complete His Work

And a reminder: do not seek these medications without the guidance of a doctor.

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  • Tom says:

    nice content keep up the amazing content

  • Tom says:

    amazing content

  • GavinM91 says:

    1100 patient trials in New York about 3 weeks ago ??? What happened ?!?!?!

  • Idylchatter says:

    Quercetin is an ionophore. Liposomal zinc is available. Neither one will kill you.

    • andrew mckim says:

      Yes, and EGCG (Green Tea Extract) is as well. I recently came across a supplement called PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone,) It appears to be a form of natural quinine so I would expect it to work as a Zinc Ionophore as well, but I can’t find any data on it.

    • Captain America America says:

      @andrew mckim Update us!

  • 63 Rambler says:

    Dr Oz, please start covering ECMO as well!

  • tmc che says:

    No way would I participate in an unethical, golden-calf, double blind placebo study. Why risk receiving the placebo, when a doctor can prescibe the same drugs off label.

  • Sold by Martha-Coldwell Banker Residential says:

    Super excited about this it makes sense that a medication that protects red blood cells that provide oxygen to body and allow zinc to penetrate cells is a winner , at least for now ! Please stay on It ! 💖

  • Jim Brinkley says:

    Amen!! This is a good one!!

  • Billy Anderson says:

    Doctor OZ I saw you on Fox News where you were siting studies on going in china and I was very surprised you seem to think any information from china can be trusted ?china has a very long history of lieing about these things going back to the 2003 bird flu pandemic where theylied about it just like they been lying about this virus, they have lied about it being person to person after they hid from the world when it actually started ! How can you trust them and how can we trust you for trusting the Chinese communist party government???????

    • road warrior says:

      If you don’t trust him, then why bother commenting. I enjoy his message.
      At least he is isn’t doom and gloom like CNN.

    • James Hom says:

      As a stand-alone study, keep it in mind. If it confirms another study (non-Chinese) or the Chinese study confirms a non-Chinese study, it should be useful. Not everything has to go through a CCP filter. If it comes through the CCP or WHO, I would be quite leery. A common sense approach.

  • babu zillur says:

    Thank you boss

  • Kat Papillion says:

    Dr.do u think that if someone have the virus they should drink there urine.is this realistic? Nasty ..but if they use infected blood transfusion why not? Out here in Louisiana there’s old wise folks tales.heck I’m 67 yrs.as a kid had tonsils really bad , gargle with it & was healed js.

  • Louie Boe says:

    How about Ivermectin

  • Paul cal says:

    It’s killing people in clinical trials in Brazil I hear.

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