What Is Contact Tracing? Should I Be Worried About My Personal informations?

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What Is Contact Tracing? Should I Be Worried About My Personal informations?

We examine why we may need an army of disease detectives to reopen our states. How contact tracing is done and what to expect if you get a call from a tracer.

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  • Jason KENNEDY says:


    • JR says:

      your right on dude stay the course! OUR FREEDOM IS AT A STAKE RIGHT NOW!

    • joe blanc says:

      Yes I keep hearing about it and they’re not doing nothing I know alot of people that got infected and they have gone back to work and all these people around them probably argoing to get sick! Is just a waste of money now.

  • OurDimension🌠 says:

    100,000 Karens 😳

  • poodle dog says:

    Sorry I love you and your videos. But I’m not interested in participating in this survey. There’s more to this than meets the eye. have seen many videos on YouTube and informed myself on my 4 amendment Rights…. plz stop selling this as a harmless thing. Its not… If Governor Cuomo and Mike Bloomberg and de blasio are involved this, its a trap to keep us lockdown longer. The hospitals beds are empty now. WE SHOULD BE LET OUT OF OUR CAGES AND SET FREE. ITS OVER AS FAR AS MANY ARE CONCERNED…

  • betrue says:

    Plot to bring in chipping, saying “let’s chip, it’s easier and creates a billion jobs, more than tracers”.

  • Jan pi Piet says:

    No tnx

  • Kelly Leiter says:

    No doing it. Been nowhere. Seen no one. Feel great.

  • spektr540hemi says:

    Imagine doing something that endangers you and your loved ones everyday that could lead to death…such as diving…eating foods high in hormones, saturated fat, refined sugars, that lead to poor health, that leads to being VULNERABLE to viruses like COVIDE19 !?! Life is dangerous, freedom is NOT free!!!

  • stefan stoss says:

    smart cures covid its amiracle rest american holistic nurses association has recommended transcendental meditation (TM) AHA has recommended TM and not any other type of meditation Lancet psychiatry journal published study showing TM tm.org heals traumatic stress PTSD
    as journalists rather than salesman for drug industry should betalking about traditional chinese medicne 4000 TCM hospitals 800 000 tcm personell 15 TCM research institutes what are they doing if media restricts itslef to drug industry stuff it is not talking about health care but sickness care media ahs not mentionedthe existence of ayur veda in india and in canada 100 ayur veda colleges 400 000 vaidya in india AYUSH ministry what are they doing media depending on drug industry advertisement doesnt want to know Richard Cheng MD PHD cured covid with high dose intravenous vitamin C [ ascorbic acid ]] 15 grams [[[ dr frederik Klenner protocol JAMA sept 3 1949 ]] if media and Gates foundation and NIH an d RSC are not bigoted money for funding gold standard research about this would havebeen provided
    when will media report about centre for herbolgy which should be funded to study 400 herbs Hippocrates used 1000 herbs ayur veda uses 1000 herbs TCM uses when will media boost immunity with licorice root tea thyme and cloves used in cooking above RDA vitamin C vitamin D which allmost everyone is deficient in selenium zinc magnesium shop at organic health food stores expert advice there consult CAND.ca consult RNCP degree speak with Dominion herbal college about god s organic garden ofwilderness
    [[ in usa american herbalist guild Bastyr university american Naturopathic association AAEMonline ]]
    see the video WHO made of a congress in brazil attended by 4000 incluidng MD andhealth ministers it approved 19 modalities of traditional mediicne including Maharishi ayur veda and amazonian

  • kimberly reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 10 minutes and 50 seconds left to live”


  • Lady Tate says:


  • Nettie Holmes says:

    Nope! Never will comply with that foolishness…another way of controlling the public….

  • Shasha8674 says:

    No thank you. This is not needed. This is New World order/Police state they want to usher in and abuse. God bless all!

  • Bucket List Boomer says:

    Wait a minute! She said once exposed, you are contagious for TWO days, when Fauci and all the other medical people have been saying 14 days??? With all due respect, contact tracing should have begun back in January, and had those exposed quarantined instead of locking down ALL our citizenry and ruining our economy.

  • DD More says:

    4 notes. Screening a certified caller. And the last pandemic threat was removed when a vaccine was introduced. And the word isolate is the concern. Allowing government to forceably sperate family is not acceptable. The current testing is 50% effective having too many false positives. The tracing is overreaching 50% non effected. Just like the news media, mis representing the facts. 80% of deaths are above age 65 and nursing homes are scaring the public to submission by misleading facts. The fatality rate is below 2% and is no worse from the pandemic in 2009 for the main workforce. Dr Oz stick to the facts and stop scaring the public with misleading facts and editorials.

  • Anthony Romano says:

    I thought wars had a leader.

  • roseagain2 says:

    What happens to you if you hang up on a big brother tracer?

  • Anthony Romano says:

    The best way to combat a virus is to have one single administrator of health and health care that is not tied to an employer when you lose your job. One that puts science first instead of profits. A system that does not create billionaires.

  • Sheri Carter says:

    Anytime the government says they’re there to help you should run like hell. It’s funny that Apple, Google, etc will give your info to the government but they won’t unlock a terrorists phone. Anybody can be one of these “contract tracers” so i’m sure they can be trusted. 😅 I’m sure there is immunity for the government from what these people do with your info. So, I gotta say no thanks.

  • Anthony Romano says:

    Maybe they are trying to help you but we have the patriot act that says the FBI and CIA can access any information they want any time they want so a big middle finger for me.

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