What Happens Inside The Body When You Get Coronavirus?

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What Happens Inside The Body When You Get Coronavirus?

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  • Dunya Moon says:

    Please stay at your home 😤😤😤

  • Tim says:

    nice video keep it up bro

  • Greatest Alive says:


  • stefan stoss says:

    a request to medical Institution remedy is needed fro COVID today ; the orthodox medical profession ahs failed the media is bigoted against herbs
    iatrogenic causes are 3rd leading cause of deaths
    hospitals are too modern not natural enough need to be in accord with natural law the invincible
    1000s of MD are using traditiional and complimentary mediicne [[ a WHO expression ] but its a minority
    the spiritual is real the physical is real Naaturheilkunde Kommission E use st Hildegard von Bingen Kueche Hippocrates ‘food is medicine’ ayurveda ‘food is medicine ‘ hippocrates used 400 herbs theseshould be researched my amature input wear a thieves oil ” mask” soaked in anti viral essential oils [organic] spray lemon oil all round in 150 european hospitals 20 years ago vials of lemon oil are placed along hallways lemon oil [organic therapeutic grade] kills 97.7 % of germs in air everylittle bit helps; artificial anti biotics cause antibiotic resistance [[ sir Charlie Darwin ]] natural antivirals do not COVID is allready mutating news reports say another virus has gotten loose in china manta youtube.com/watch?v=FYoKOE1LmCU ||||||||||||||

    youtube.com/watch?v=Z5UPhiIl4dQ 5 antiviral plants recommended by DC degree

    exellent very timely call for money to fund gold standard research pilot studies exist phase 2 studies hopefully exists needed is phase 3 clinical trials ; in this extreme emergency simply ask authorities in this or that hospital to use the 5 on compassionate ground with permission of patients
    i suggest not saying black licorice thats the candy [[[ only Panda brand ( licorice root extract, wheat flour, molasses and aniseed oil.) is real enough ]] i say licorice root its in a maharishi ayur veda formula recommended by MD
    a article in VISTA mag in organic health food stores in canada said ‘ oregano pulverizes pathogens ‘ that is WILD mountain oregano from greece and italy

    dr andrew Weil MD recommends astragalus ( Huáng Qí ) and garlic

    youtube.com/watch?v=VMDX0RSDp1k&t=19s Richard Cheng is MD PHD [[[ dr frederik Klenner’s protocol JAMA sept 3 1949 hhighdose intravenous vitamin C (ascorbic acid crystals many grams ) {{{youtube.com/channel/UCASvIerKRpknoJYTSHsitJQ }}} youtube.com/watch?v=HXs5Xzr6qCI

    india is using an antiviral formula AYUSH 64 china is using an antimalarial ARTIMESIN made from artimesia annua related to wormwood herb in comment i sugested adding a herbal antiviral like licorice root or rosemary thyme your 5 should do

    its sir charlie darwin and Moses all species an dhabitat were created by God hohum so sir charlie says pests and pathogens are predator species which wecannot eradicate like wolves 95-98 % of bacteria are benighn and even nacessary

    “GUT CRISIS” professor keith wallace gut enteric nervous system is key to immunity
    Keith knows these persons : /tm-women.org/from-the-word-to-the-wise-department-the-transcendental-meditation-technique-improves-immunity-and-reduces-stress/

  • 2muchXneutron says:

    Let’s order a pizza

    • quasimobius says:

      I chuckle when I hear people talk like getting take out is safe. Like the people manning the take-out are immune and none are “Carriers” and therefore, it’s 100% safe ?
      What a hoot.

  • Kait Crazy says:

    Dr. Oz is there like a cure for this virus I know everyone is asking you but I’m asking like is there a drink that could help the cough to stop spreading first like tea medication??? Please Doctor Oz we need something for people that have heart conditions and whoever has seizures and other medical stuff too A lot of people you know can’t get what they need so is there anything that we can use what we have at home so we don’t go outside so we could be cured like what if situation if someone doesn’t want to take the medicine what do you do then???

  • Kait Crazy says:

    Dr. Oz I want your opinion are we going to be ready for an next situation like this ever again honestly in my opinion I don’t think America’s ready you should talk about that seriously this is serious not to scare people I’m just saying in general but so we can be prepared if you get what I’m saying doctor Oz I know you’re very busy reading a lot of situations right now but we need more medicines ready and prepared more chemical reactions for future wise and more products that’s how America should work but we can’t right at this moment I understand that because we didn’t expect this virus to happen but I think made stuff in USA would help more for people to be more safe.

    • Shasha8674 says:

      Natural help is the best always. Yes they may send another virus and trash America and the world more pushing their Agenda 21 to lower the population by the year 2021.

  • HVAC101 says:

    If they know so much about it why cant they produce a cure

  • Jessica Calderon says:

    Thank you, Dr. OZ

  • Movies For Adults Music says:

    If anyone is obese and not infected, lose weight. If you smoke, stop; you need your lungs now. Cut down on alcohol now; alcohol weakens the immune system.

    Eat garlic, veggies and fruit. Eat red meat but not too much; we need protein. Eat more of beans, lentils, rice, barley, olive oil, oregano.

    Be in contact with your doctors in case you catch other infections that need antibiotics.

    Above all, if you never believed in prayer, do so now. No pressure.

    If you never believed in a God, do so now. Nothing to lose. Up to you.

    If you choose a God, pick Jesus Christ.

  • Chris Raynor says:

    Noone still has explained why neither the deadly H1N1 or TB outbreaks of years past,warranted a shutdown of America. Astronomically more deaths with the prior mentioned,as opposed to the current “sky is falling” virus.The H1N1 and TB infections didn’t discriminate with ages.Much more deadly for the population as a whole No shutdown.Not even a public demand for it. The much weaker Corona,somehow will kill all humanity and aliens from other worlds,as the bacteria did in War of the Worlds movie.Very suspicious watching democrap politicians,fake press,welfare wookiees.Not even a scream from them when the other deadly infections were killing ALL ages. Logic says there are other plans promoting the humanity killing CV.Time will show the real intentions.The problem is whether or not the stupid,illiterate, immoral of America will embrace them. Probably not.

    • Shasha8674 says:

      If this virus doesn’t kill enough people, the “Left”/New World Order will send another. They wanted to trash the economy. Everything they do to trash America is to push their agenda. This is a bio-weapon made in lab. Dr. Oz promotes natural ways to help health which are awesome. This is Agenda 21 trying to lower the population by abortions up to birth and kill the baby if it survives/trashing the weather with storms and blocking sunlight which helps the immune system with Chem trails which are also full of Al which hurts health. They have F in the water. Gluten/GMO may hurt the gut lining so less absorb. Forced vaccines which destroy health and may not help since viruses mutate/kill elderly and disabled/promote war and more are part of Agenda 21. This is a political move to push their agenda.

  • Doris~ says:

    Corporate media puppet, following their agenda. Every disease & cancer is nwo c0vidvirus-19. ,🤨

  • science videos says:

    A lot of people don’t even believe in it 🙄

  • Burndout Rage says:

    As a physician dr. Oz better go back to school man number one that virus doesn’t even look that way don’t forget there is thousands of Physicians but you know the truth you have some good points but a lot of misconceptions for your viewers

  • Wayne Grover says:

    Oz is promoting unproven cures. YOU take the risk.

  • NotAmused2001 says:

    I am taking prednisone can it help or hurt? Actually I am going down on the steriod, I am at 13 mg. Once a day. I have severe chronic asthma and diabetes also. I am sheltered in with my room mate too. This is so sad because last year I had listeria meningitis for 3 months (late august til early November). Just scared.

  • sharo says:

    Don’t scare people lift them up with positivity they already know that people die from it. They want to scare you so once the vaccine is out everyone will run like a dog to get it nowadays you have to be your own doctor may Allah protect everyone

    • Shasha8674 says:

      People may run from the vaccine. It may not help and may hurt. The virus mutates so vaccines may not help. They may put chips in the vaccine which control people etc..

  • Last days biblical Watch says:

    i heard it mess your inside up like you had got bitten by a pit viper snake 🐍

  • Shasha8674 says:

    The recent “virus” may also be due to 5G and mandatory vaccines that burden the immune system. They are also giving you Chem trails full of Al and trashing the weather/gluten/GMO/lack of sunlight (sunlight helps the immune system)/lack of exercise/high stress that uses up B vitamins/Zn and progesterone that helps the immune system. The Agenda is to lower the population. Agenda 21. Trump is trying to help people in an awesome way. Medical people need masks not people who hoard to resell at a very high price so no one gets a mask. It is not just a virus which was genetically engineered to be a bio-weapon in lab. The “left” are trashing America not Trump! Sunlight helps the immune system.

  • brianna reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 2 minutes and 9 seconds left to live”


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