What Happend To DJ Henry?

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What Happend To DJ Henry?

It's been 10 years since college student DJ Henry was shot!

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  • gospos1 says:

    What happened to the medical videos??

  • Joy Dor says:

    Never heard of him!!! Thank Dr. Oz for sheding light to this young Man’s story!!

  • Santiago Gonzalez says:

    Media still trying to spread division and hate among americans smh. RIP DJ Henry❤️✌️🙏🇺🇸

  • Pearl's Koffee says:

    So sad 🙏🙏😭why do they kill innocent people defenceless

  • May Short says:

    teach your kids how to respect authority. the police have a right to go home every night. if you’re a criminal that breaks the law then own up to it and do your time. dont fight with the police and threaten their lives. I dint feel bad for people that dont have common sense to be respectful when police are just trying to do their jobs. the media making these awful criminals the victim is a damn shame but doesnt mean everyone belives the bullshit.

  • BettyJean Zepeda says:


  • Monica Besteda says:

    And they call us animals, 😢

  • JONAS JPEG says:

    He was a good kid. Met him a handful of times. Humble, quiet, wouldn’t hurt a damn fly on the wall. RIP brother🙏🏾💯

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