What Doctors On The Front Lines Wish They’d Known A Month Ago

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What Doctors On The Front Lines Wish They'd Known A Month Ago

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  • Tyrie xs5 says:

    The Zpak helped the hydrochlo almost killed me.

    • I Violanti says:

      Sorry to hear you had a bad reaction. It is a treatment, and like all drugs some people can not handle them. I can not take penicillin..have a terrible response that affects breathing, rash..Heal and stay safe.

    • Granma Bern says:

      Tyrie xs5 covid makes heart rates increase. This Doctor Davis just said it is part of covid.


      In all probability it saved your life despite the uncomfortable side effect. Fevers are unpleasant, so are the side effects of some antibiotics, but they destroy the underlying pathogen. Does the fact that Salk’s polio vaccine increased polio in some children mean we should regret that it cured the vast majority?

    • Miguel Salazar says:

      Most likely you are allergic to sulfates.

    • Jane Creek says:

      That is because you didn’t believe strong enough. Magic only works if you believe! MAGA!

  • MOE does DIYs says:

    Thank you for covering this topic so often. It is so helpful. I hope more youth are seeing this ❤️

  • Jeff says:

    Hey doc, if you had a loved one that had the virus, knowing what you know now, how would you treat?

  • Susan Auger says:

    If hydroxychloroquine wasnt SUCH A THREAT they wouldn’t be attacking it so bad. The crazy msm is trashing THE CURE

    • Itsme Forsure says:

      He’s had 2 dr’s on that said HCQ, zpak and zinc is working and then this vid he shows the CDC saying it should only be used by trials. Even Dr Deutsch said he used it for him and his father and they both got better. You’re right, HCQ is a real threat to the vax makers and pushers.

    • Jenny S says:

      Agreed. I’ve had 4 family members require hospitalization bc they had pneumonia. Different ages: late 20’s, late 40’s and two late 70’s all given Hydroxychloroquine all are home doing very well thank God!

    • 1964Loukas says:


    • Islamisthecultofsin says:

      +Susan Auger CNBC just ran a hit piece saying that Hydroxychloroquine caused the deaths of twenty people and that Trump has blood on his hands for pushing it’s use.

  • onnielou70 says:

    There you go! You see what medication he took!

    • I Violanti says:

      So also DR W IAN LIPKIN, professor in the Epidemiology Department who directs the Center for Infection and Immunity Center New York City, had contracted COVID19, he was prescribed the Hydroxychloroquine treatment, I am not a doctor but the fact someone of his caliber trusts the drug it should lead merit to the use during the pandemic. Stay safe


      caught that too. Doctors KNOW

    • rick ramirez says:

      @PETER JOHN BRANDAL seriously! In his “open” it states “no drug has been proven to treat this virus” and then the second doctor talking that contracted it said he got so bad he started taking hydroxychloriquin…WTF?!😳

  • WWM says:

    Why are Doctors being told to mark covid for all deaths?

    • Dan Larson says:

      To get funding from the federal gov.

    • Jinan Coulter says:

      Chris Costlow Sources?

    • H J says:

      @Jinan Coulter Look on the ‘off guardian’ website

    • Greg McCormick says:

      WWM please provide evidence.
      By the way anecdotes hearsay and conspiracy websites are not credible evidence.

    • deenycest10710 says:

      BSN RN here. Hope i can shed some light and help to keep you calm with the confidence and empowerment that only real knowledge brings.

      Hospitals are indeed getting substantially larger payouts as you may suspect. However having said that, there is a medical rationale that non professionals don’t see. As much as we know about this disease, there is more we don’t know and are learning every second of every minute we confront all manner of this disease’s manifestations.

      To your question if someone had hpn and died of a infarct or aneurysm in context of the dse, medically it’s considered normal. C-19 (or like i call it CCP virus) acts like a SUPERCHARGER for pre-existing conditions. Normally hpn is controlled with rx(and of course diet / exercise). But we’re seeing that the CCPV spirals hpn out of control, like a SUPERCHARGER. In summary the pt expired of an infarct supercharged by the CCPV when normally hpn likely would not have progressed to that point.

      Remember, that’s just one example. So technically cod was infarct, it would not have progressed without CCPV.

      More and more we’re finding that 85% of people will be ok with minimal symptoms or remain asymptomatic.

      10% requiring some nursing intervention like hydration, nsaids for fever, rest, sanitization of environment and good hygiene then turn out ok.

      <5% requiring actual hospitalization and ICU admission.

      <1% mortality. With the prevalence of surveillance revealing that many more people actually have antibodies or traces of antibodies these numbers i just provided adjust further downward for the better.

      Get outdoors and enjoy good weather but keep practicing physical/social distancing, hand hygiene after touching anything outside, don't touch your face (specifically your eyes nose and mouth) without having just sanitized or washed your hands and you'll be fine.

  • Susan Auger says:

    If the media hates something you KNOW its good right away

  • Paul Rodriguez says:

    Keep the Faith ! Amen thanks for sharing.

  • Itsme Forsure says:

    Thank you Dr Davis!!!Dr Cameron Sidell was saying this a month ago and they kicked out of the ICU. It turns out, he was right. In times of chaos, we need thinkers and Dr Davis and Dr Sidell are thinkers.

  • Chris says:

    the enemy is the people that created this virus, the government that did this

  • sandy grunwaldt says:

    Thank You Dr Oz for keeping us updated. Knowledge is important these days and your helping me through this Pandemic. Please take care of yourself GOD BLESS you and all that you do.

  • Ian Heron says:

    Jeez, this guy has some neck

  • Ruth Hoffman says:

    Huh! He took Hydroxy and got better.

    • I Violanti says:

      SO did DR W IAN LIPKIN, professor in the Epidemiology Department who directs the Center for Infection and Immunity Center New York City, had contracted COVID19, he was prescribed the Hydroxychloroquine treatment, I am not a doctor but the fact someone of his caliber trusts the drug it should lead merit to the use during the pandemic. Stay safe

    • Mushruben Psyduster says:

      Hydroxy is a military perversion drug not real cure same as a ventilator might kill you if you´re weak


      @Itsme Forsure
      His ‘poo poo’ was just to keep Big Pharma thugs off his back.


      @Mushruben Psyduster
      There is no such thing as a “military perversion drug.” The safer form of Chloroquine is the drug hydroxychlorine, which has been prescribed to millions for half a century, look it up.

    • Hocus Focus says:


  • goober698 says:

    I have only heard you call it the war of our generation lol come on really just stop


    Nothing about this microbe mimics what occurs in nature, you can’t tell me this isn’t human engineered.

  • SuperDexteroo says:

    Eventhough with positive testimonies from their peers, many doctors and specialist are discrediting HCQ. It seems like all studies are done without zinc and adjuncts. Univ. of Minn. trial lacking participants? with so many infected! HCQ became one of the most dangerous drugs on the market when close to 2 billion people have taken it before? VA study is flawed, HCQ was prescribe to the more severe cases.(pg 12 report) It sadden me to think Americans are so stupid! Even cheering when there is a report that saids it doesnt work. FYI: chloroquine was on the shortage list before even Trump mentioned it; 3/9/20 ,Trump first mentioned HCQ on 3/19/20. Hospitals clearout the inventory.

  • Carolyn Everett says:

    Hydrochloriquine +antibiotics saved my 85 year old cousin who lives in an assistant living facility in NJ.

    • Islamisthecultofsin says:

      +Carolyn Everett Well CNBC just ran a hit piece saying that hydroxychloroquine caused the deaths of twenty people and that it’s our fool of a President’s fault for relentlessly pushing its use to treat the virus! I hope every stops watching these traitorous misinformation channels and they go out of business. These channels don’t care if you die as long as their agenda is pushed forward. I’m being to think that we need to just go back to work. The “cure” of shutting down the economy has been a disaster. The fatality rate is 0.17 percent and probably even lower.

    • A Conneely says:

      @P Pumpkin Why has Trump stopped talking about it , why has he moved on to sunlight and disinfectant ?

    • Denis Daly says:

      It killed others.

    • Denis Daly says:

      @A Conneely because a large well designed study found it not to be effective

    • Jane Creek says:

      I was on my death bed with COVID-19 and my leprechaun roommate injected me with bleach. Not only did i fully recover but i can now speak German, Japanese , and Latin! Winning! MAGA! WWG1WGA!

  • hoangkimtran says:

    All ZOOM video conferences has been known to route through Beijing Headquaters. Zoom is an American company but its founder is Chinese CCP Nationist.

  • Mat Mat says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for the info it’s very critical at this fragile time .God bless you on all the heart issues you have helped with all sugereries and now that you are doing

  • A G says:

    Notice how the second doctor mentioned when he started to get worse he went to the hospital and got put on hydroxychloroquine and then got better?

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