What Could The New Normal Look Like?

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What Could The New Normal Look Like?

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  • Bunny Bubs says:

    Had his eyes done, great job, no longer has dark circles

  • Tony Rottari says:

    Gates digital health certificates. So new normal is hell? Complete Hell

  • Logan says:

    wanna be friends?

  • Christina Cochran says:

    That Dr talks with so much hope and I hope too..👏🇺🇸

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    I like being a 5’3 full grown man 👌🏽

  • MD- OLF3 says:

    You know dam well that this will be an absolute fiasco! What we have is an extremely selfish ME ME ME society that once the “all clear” is given all so called precautionary measures will be thrown alllllll the way out the window!

  • Riqrob says:

    Tests show that 15% of the entire 331 population of US has had this. That’s 50 million cases resulting in 76 th deaths for a death rate of .0015, substancially less than the flu. OPEN UP NOW

  • Edgardo Alemán says:

    Predictions usually gets things wrong, like having flying cars and living in the moon in the 21st century. IMHO this so called “new normal” only will last until an effective vaccine is ready and massified.

  • Camille Rose says:

    Also his face doesn’t MOVE.

  • Scott767300 says:

    We don’t need any “new normal” garbage. The “old normal” is perfectly fine. Think for yourselves people. Don’t buy into this nonsense! The more I read and watch this stuff the more I think there is something else at play behind the scenes.

    10 years ago we had swine flu. 1.3 billion with a B got infected and the later estimates of resultant deaths put it at nearly 600,000.

    We didn’t stop going on airplanes.
    We didn’t stop going to work.
    We didn’t stop going to restaurants.
    We didn’t stop going to stores.
    We weren’t locked down at home.
    We didn’t stop going to national forests.
    We didn’t put people out of work!
    We didn’t stop the world!!!

    Fast forward 10 years. There are 3.7ish million with an M infected with CV (including me). Some 250,000 deaths if you believe the number and anecdotally there are good reasons not to buy into the US numbers at least.

    And we stop the world. What’s going on here? THIS MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

    There’s a saying: “things don’t add up”.

    I am saying it….loudly. Simply apply logic, reason and common sense and the unavoidable conclusion is that there is something else happening.

    If there hadn’t have been these crazy world wide edicts concerning CV I never would have engaged the medical community!! Minor flu symptoms if that. Over in a few days. The vast majority of people are getting mild symptoms and are back to normal in just a few days. JUST LIKE FLU SEASON EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

    What on earth are they doing to the world???? Someone or something is responsible for an incalculable amount of damage. Unnecessary damage!!! We need to get to the bottom of it all.


  • SuperDexteroo says:

    Dr.Oz,what happen to your coverage of HCQ? What happen to putting your money where your mouth is? Didn’t you claim to fund a study? I’m very confident in the drug! Further anecdotal testimony from a Dr.Robin Armstrong base in Texas solidified my confidence. He treated 39 patients in a nursing home with 100% success. If we can prove HCQ works,we can open up without worries. For second best, lift the restrictions on it so that doctors can prescribe it off label in a outpatient basis,it has been approved by the FDA on 3/28 for emergency use already. The obstacle is the Governors,especially blue states!

  • Lachlan Fortress says:

    Awesome doctor this could save alot of sickness and will be less transmission of other stuff.

  • Keto Solution says:

    New job creation for sanitation workers. New job creation for PPE businesses and workers. New innovations in public health preparedness.

  • Germangirl says:

    People dont do math and study how the test works. All this happened cause of lack of education. If people would not just listen to Mainstream media and actually do the math plus studied tge test they would not have going for masks shut down ect… in the first place.Looks like we gonna be forced to get vaccinated or no drivings licence. Tough spot to be in

  • Germangirl says:

    Over the past few months I observed less and less people trusting Dr.Oz .

  • Tony Lohnes says:

    Technology is great, but what happens when storms wipe it out? With Climate change happening it’s not normal any more. We need to make changes as humans to make it better on this planet.

  • Germangirl says:

    So many suscribers. So many views but only 16 comments? Don’t add up you tube

  • erospawn says:

    This is NOT the “New Normal”… It IS ONLY THE TEMPORARY. Life had better go back to the way it was in the US…or else.

  • D Love of hounds says:

    The new norm is an oxymoron. Just the unknown future. Aside from recommendations & rules is compliance. There’s a huge lack of compliance already. It’s only going to get worse by community spread from those brave souls or brash which are asymptomatic. We need our economy to reopen and the world needs it. This coronavirus will mutate and change as they all seem to. Basically people getting their own immunity while others have new disabilities from this and more die. A vaccine will be made that may or may not work as many flu vaccines as viruses evolve. Research should be for treatment and cure more than possible useless vaccines. Covid 19 helped drug companies as push for flu vaccines for some immunity propaganda.
    I hope more help the front line professionals by wearing masks; first line of protection and support.

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