We May Have an Annual ‘Covid 19 Season,’ Scientists Say

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We May Have an Annual 'Covid 19 Season,' Scientists Say

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  • gmadiva says:

    Unsubscribing to you proudly after your remarks about 2-3% deaths of children being OK to get kids back to school. Shame on you Dr. Oz. You should lose your medical license over this (if you even have one!)


    Yeah to get that “annual” shot … No thanks


    China should be severely
    sanctioned for there major role in
    spreading this deadly virus
    amongst international countries
    from international traveling!
    Believe they should be held
    accountable plus make it a
    multiple mandatory sanctions,
    if they refuse to comply with our
    demands to know how they
    started this epidemic plus share
    medical resources about
    immediate vaccines plus them
    being major suppliers of medical
    hospital equipment to address this
    ongoing to possible seasonal
    deadly virus they are responsible
    for in affecting many countries
    across our planets globe currently!

    • amity 150 says:

      Trump is responsible for what is going to happen here.

    • Herr Drumpf says:

      Trump is too stupid. He wont do anything to china because his daughter ivanka has china business deals. Corrupt politicians.


      @Herr Drumpf
      When it comes down to doing the right thing for the American people in politic’s there are major key role players that are politician’s, celebrities, major athletes, plus certain military figures who will remain silent to protect there major business dealings with China, but won’t promote justice in a vicious attack on our nation with several other’s to make a difference to change things globally for human standards from China’s malicious corruption here.
      Remember this all came about from Trump’s trade sanctions he recently uplifted that made China lose multi-billions of dollars recently and now we get this fatal
      virus response with a phony explanation of a science laboratory mistake gone wrong without many questions still unanswered from China currently!
      *(PROS AND CON$ OF COVID-19)*
      *(HIT AND MI$$E$ COVER-UP’$)*
      *($IGN$ OF THE TIME$ 4$HO)*

  • justiceforall says:


  • Ffff Bshejsbd says:

    Child killer

  • J S says:

    Dr OZ, please come to Minnesota so you kneecaps can collide with a bat.

  • Herr Drumpf says:

    Dr oz…dr phil..and Dr Drew are not an infectious disease doctors. Dr drew is a mental health dr not a physician. Dr oz is a cardiologist. Dr phil is not a medical doctor but a therapist . All three of them need to be sued for promoting fake health info regarding covid 19

  • Julie B says:

    aww look it is Faux Oz!!!!! I hope your show is canceled! if you quack like a duck, walk like a duck…you are still a QUACK!

  • Kill bill says:

    Dr. Oz is a fraud. This is the same man in late February, saying its not that serious, all of you dont need a mask. Now hes like… ” why are you not in the house, wheres your mask”. He wanted to help the Anthony fauci kill more ppl, they’re giving info late so you wont be prepared.

  • Canada's Worst Fisherman says:

    FAKE NEWS bull$hit theory.

  • Shiroon Ali says:

    I find it difficult to read the text

  • P Damascus says:

    How did we get here??!!!

    Communist CH I N A

  • Pascale N says:

    Please please, stop using green. It makes it hard to read. And now the lettres are smaller too ☹️
    I appriciate the info but it is difficult to read as it is.
    I am not the only one.

  • daphne fe says:


  • Niki L says:

    Dr Fraud. Revoke his license

  • kasper kisses says:

    so wtf is the point of the lock down then?

  • Starr Rivers says:

    This is extremely hard to read especially the green.

  • Ron Hatcher says:

    Just subscribed, thank you Dr Oz, appreciates you

  • Veronica Harris says:

    First do no harm !!
    You’re failing at this by spreading false information when you spew Trump’s rhetoric in order to promote yourself & your ratings!

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