Ways You’re Using the Treadmill Wrong Dr Oz’s Healthy Hacks

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The Dr. Oz Show is an American daytime television talk series. Each episode has segments on health, wellness and medical information, including true crime stories and celebrity interviews.

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  • Eduard Dreyer says:

    Why was i the only one here?

  • Fleng TV says:

    Bisitahin tayo guys. Comment down pag na bisita nyo na ako.
    Ma dali ako mag response.

  • hamidah ismail says:

    Good tips thank you

  • J R says:

    @Dr Oz You’ve met my eldest daughter in NYC i hear – i thought i’d share the folliwing w/you, but i believe you already know .. Also note that the link at the end is by David Hoffman Filmmaker – he got Congress to act in 1964 – it’s a re- release of a documentary he did in the ’80s – please note the segments 1 & 2 of the CHERNOBYL EXPERIMENT (starts shortly after the 6 min mark ): Starlink = cruise ships & remote areas for 5 g – Switz turned theirs off as reported on 2/12/2020 – the Military did an experiment on rats at 46 min exposure to 5 g = ALL C O V 19 SYMPTOMS!! – LOTS of cases re: 4 & 5g … Difference is 60 g hz = offsets electronic spins to the degree that blood can’t absorb oxygen (hypoxia), hemoglobin can’t bind w/iron, high altitude sickness, seizures, inflammation, blood clots, low blood count, kidney/organ failure ETC that’s why people get worse like a chain reaction due to malfunctioning electronic spins – look up the hearing in Lansing MI re: victims coming forward – also look up how 33000 Drs/Scientists warned!!! RFK, Jr ETC have just launched lawsuit re: INTERNATIONAL CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN/HUMANITY DUE TO 5 G! 5 g has a range up to 6 0 g hz – they want to take it to 300 g hz! More Star links taking off on rocket here in FL tomorrow morning – $s for 5 g included in upcoming stimulus … This has been above the gov’ts initially! SARS also stands for: SPECIFIC ABSORPTION RATE OF E M Fs BY the human body!!! THERE’s HUGE $ tied up in a.i. ETC – they’re building a 5 g atmospheric grid = vax is reportedly to tie EVERY human being into it… Listen to the following vid re: Chernobyl Experiment as of 6 MIN mark of following video until the end of vid -compare to experiment being done on humanity today w/5 g forced on humanity at 60 g hz = all cv 19 symptoms – bioelectromagnetics) PERSONAL ETHICS that ALL leaders should re-accept today for the sake of humanity & this planet before ALL life forms are destroyed… Just re-released 2 days ago! https://youtu.be/Aws4na6hVIo 💜🙏

  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:


  • Mike C says:

    Dr oZ i run on the treadmill i jog i increasse my incline i sweating so much my shirt is soakdd when im done a hour in. Thank you and hows the wizardy

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    I’m in wheelchair, but, thanks anyways

  • samantha stitt says:

    Good tips, too bad the gym is closed though..😅

  • Laura Land says:

    Your suggested videos keep cutting off the end of your videos. You REALLY need to fix that!

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