Vili Fualaau : My Life With Mary Kay Letoureau – The Full Exclusive Interview

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Vili Fualaau : My Life With Mary Kay Letoureau – The Full Exclusive Interview

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  • TWO VerGO's says:

    No judgement hope her children are ok.

  • Travis Scott says:

    I’m hot for teacher.
    never had a hot teacher in 12 years of school. where are these women?

  • Tara Schram says:

    I feel sad for him. And his children. God bless them

  • MRS SUNSHINE says:

    This was difficult for him but I’m happy he and his daughters are doing well. Praying for healing for all involved.

  • Patricia Aragon says:

    I feel compassion for him and mary

  • Martha Zamudio says:

    This man is a good person and I hope he remarried to someone close to his age ..
    Now is time to experience same age romance ..

  • Wilma Burr Gooch The Fam says:

    Passed away on my birthday. bless him Lord

  • Nicole Gwynn says:

    wow I didn’t know. my condolences to the family. I know it wasn’t right but there was children born from this.

  • Megan Perkins says:

    I would read that book for sure. Of all the interviews I have ever watched he seems like such a kind, smart, and caring person. Plus a great father.

  • CiCi Covington says:

    Now that his predator has passed, I pray that he embarks on a journey of self-discovery & healing. His childhood ddnt exist & naturally he fell in love w/his abuser, (Stockholm Syndrome), she was everything to him. Only God knows what his family life was like pre-Mary K, 4 whatever reason, he seemingly received no support/protection from them. It will be interesting to see what type of man he becomes in the future, both 4 himself & his children. Sending u ✨Peace✨Love✨Light sir. Praying 4 an abundant spiritual, emotional & energetic healing❤

  • Mr Noah EM Iakopo says:

    Malo uso, well spoken, you loved your wife became a great dad under circumstances no-one will ever understand only by what you tell us

  • RAEGANELICE2004 says:

    Everyone is making it seem like this is some love story! this woman was a predator. He was 12!

  • Diana Howell says:

    I am amazed at how well he turned out.

  • Lilly Of the valley says:

    I feel sad that she died! I think She had the mentality of a 15 year old! She got caught up in a fantasy (ecstasy) state. But in the end they stayed together for almost 20 years plus. He is sort of lost without her although he’ll start over with a new life. In the meantime I’m sorry that he’s in financial trouble and will lose what little he had. I’m going to the go fund and help w at least $20 to make a contribution. She probably didn’t even have medical insurance.

  • Yesenia Gonzalez says:

    I feel bad for him. I hope he goes to get therapy for the sexual, emotional and mental abuse he went through because of that petaphile.

  • Intriguing Mind says:

    Where’s the tissue box wow! This show is done only to get ratings that’s the vibe I get!

  • La Alish says:

    Video is incomplete though and last minutes repeated so it’s not the full interview.

  • Korean Accord 한국 평화 says:

    He’s very well spoken, and matured far better than most his age. Thank you for allowing him to share his side. It appears he became a very loving father to his daughters, and has great introspection which should help in his grieving processing. May his life continue to heal, and grow more loving as time goes on.

    Thank you for not monetizing this segment. If you do in the future, it would be nice if you donate the money toward his daughters’ education. They didn’t ask for this, yet they did get a really good dad. So many don’t have one. Absent fathers are the downfall of society… in every way imaginable. (Look it up.)

  • T Prior says:

    Dr Oz facial expressions when Vili tries to make excuses for what Mary did to a minor has me😄

  • Priscilla -Femme la FIT says:

    Where’s the rest of the interview about what happened to his daughters?

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