Vice President Pence Discusses With Dr. Oz the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Vice President Pence Discusses With Dr. Oz The Coronavirus Outbreak

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  • GI Jane says:

    Great info!

  • Rachel Kliewer says:

    ❤️❤️As always, thank you. 😊

  • Teddybear says:

    India has been using chloroquine and should be available from there.

  • Barry Ashmeed Syne says:

    Awesome research & study Dr. Oz,thank you!

  • Joe Rocket says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Oz!

  • Mona Hoyos says:

    That drug is dangerous if the person overdoses! Also there are conventional medicines that are preventive and have no side effects like Astragalus, the person can take it 3 times a day and it will stop the virus from duplicating it self.

    You can get it at any Natural Store in the USA

  • varun kumar says:

    great work Dr.OZ. You have asked the right questions and great reply by V.P.Pence, from his replies it is clear that the administration is already on top of Chloroquine.

  • Laura Martian says:

    Thank you for being one of the few who put people over politics.

  • White Ninja says:

    Follow the advice of Dr. Ozzy —-> wash everything down with alcohol !! Then, scream —> Sharon !!

  • Fiona Cutler says:

    He didn’t answer the question would he take it if he was sick. ANSWER THE QUESTION

  • Daisy Dieguez says:

    I hope you are right,but it is very hard to trust a Doctor who is more of a Sales man than an MD.

  • Dengchen Sheng says:

    Yes Professor went right points to curb pandamic

  • Teresa Veal says:

    We must be wise and understand the long process from seed and grain to table.
    Massive famine could follow the plague.

  • BlondeMajesty says:

    Dr. Oz thank you for keeping us all informed

  • Janelle Kean says:

    Thank you to all the essential people risking their lives battling the Corona Virus.

  • Bela Costa says:

    Would you take it Mr. Vice-president?

  • Concerned Asian says:

    Im telling Americans the ones who really love their country, you got to save your president and rally around him.Period. He may be the last hope for the world.

  • Look Up says:






    D-DISEASE. 2019


  • Mike Taylor says:

    Dr Oz makes a living exploiting people and doing push-up challenges. He’s a puppet and this all a joke. Why is Oz delivering this message to America? Why not a credible dr. from a credible practice?


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