US COVID 19 Death Toll Exceeds 9/11 Deaths

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  • Will Chill says:

    If you want to pay respect to the 9/11 victims and covid victims, like my comment!

  • Amanda martin says:

    weird comparison but okay

  • MARUF MOTIUR says:

    Tell usa President to begin a new war…
    It is just revenge of god that you people killed innocent people in Afghanistan,iraq,Libya and syria…

  • Tim says:

    amazing video keep it up

  • Louie Cypher says:

    No, trump and his boys are not doing a good job especially when Jared Kushner refused to spend 1 billion dollar on 80 thousand much needed ventilators. He thought it was too much money to save lives, but a year ago they dropped 120 billion dollars on new tanks for enemies we dont have…yet. fact not opinion.

    • user name says:

      I agree with your statement but it’s not only trump
      These scenarios always happen
      It’s the governments fault
      They need to be more cautious and take a better look at the risks

  • Bambi Forester says:

    STOP MAKING USELESS COMPARISONS!! Shame on you for exploiting this crisis. What’s your motive? This useless information doesn’t help anyone!! Who’s paying you to spread propaganda and fear?? Shame on you!!

  • AJ ahmed says:

    Oz is ok but as of he do not over do .

  • Shannon Gallagher says:

    To anyone that is not saved by the blood of Jesus, we are in the End of days, the world is being turned upside down and God is using this epidemic to bring people back to him.
    You cannot get to heaven based your goodness…we are no good, we are all sinners, we have all broken the Ten Commandments therefore we will need help getting into heaven and that help is by the blood that Jesus shed on the cross
    … if you have not accepted Jesus as your savior & repented of your sins and if you died today you will go to hell for eternity! so many people are afraid to offend people with this
    .. I would rather scare you and offend you too heaven than to smile your way to hell!
    your beautifulness your money your big houses your cars will not get you to heaven, we are at the end of the end of last days, Jesus Christ is soon coming to get his children and if you are not saved you will not go with him.
    this may sound Doom and Gloom but there is nothing worse than standing in front of the Lord God and then they cast you into a lake of fire!
    so don’t be fooled by your looks and your money because that’s not getting you nowhere!
    so please repent of your sins turn to Jesus now before it’s too late!

  • user name says:

    this guy is a scam
    He just invites doctors to just take their ideas and scripts and put it on his show
    I can’t believe they’ve been doing this
    It’s just all about money for them
    That’s why they’re posting videos like this in the first place

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