U.S. Doctors Speak Out About How They Are Using A Promising Drug Combo To Treat COVID-19

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U.S. Doctors Speak Out About How They Are Using A Promising Drug Combo To Treat Covid-19

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  • Reset Null says:

    N yet not a word bout that this drug is actually essential for people with for instance Lupus, so y’all can’t juss go grab it all n let them suffer!

  • John McCalmant says:

    I knew it. It’s an isolation drug to keep it within the host, so it can’t be transmitted. It’s not a cure.

    • Jon Nelson says:

      Supposedly it provides a way for zinc to get into cells which it cannot do normally. It is the zinc that is doing the work by interfering with the viral replication. This is how it could reduce the viral load.

    • Lorenzo Flores says:

      @Jon Nelson perfectly explained and taking zinc 2 along with D3 and vit C with hydroxy chloroquine is they key meds.. for saving life’s !

    • AcousticTheory says:

      @Jon Nelson It is also a mild immunosuppressant which is enough to decrease the Cytokine Storm and reduce lung inflammation. It is the inflammation that prevents the lung from working effectively.

    • Gina Farrell says:

      No, it DOES cure the virus. This is why that governor stopped the use of this very successful drug combo. They want to push the vaccine which WILL kill you in the end.

    • CAILZZZ says:

      It’s not a cure but it prevent pneumonia complication !! It saves people lives and prevent the medical system from crumbling !!

  • Tin Tin says:

    Chloroquine with aids tabs are also effective as reported from india and some other countries

  • Angel Jefferson says:

    Hes been working tirelessly to stop and slow the spread.

  • James Higginbotham III says:


    • Lauren says:

      @J. Crow what u are reading is the drug companies refusing to use CQ because its off patent and they cannot make any money from it! they wil smear its reputation and use scare tactics to fend people off it so they can create a vaccine so they can make BILLIONS!! thats why!!

    • Johnny Rotten says:

      @Lauren EXACTLY!!!! Bill Gates is pushing vaccines hard right now!

    • Anthony Picano says:

      The reason is simple! The Globalists Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s and Bill Gates of the world who control the Central Banks and their Mockingbird Media in the USA who spread the Fear so they have an excuse to kill the economy to make up for all the debt they have used to push the world into poverty. This is the perfect cover! They see you as useless eaters and they want you DEAD!!! That is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY due 60 minutes of research it’s all there! That is the truth! Now there is another Caravan coming up from South America to invade the US! Do you really believe this is all a coincidence? Really!! Now this Caravan is coming up when the country is dealing with a Pandemic? Folks you need to realize that the true power brokers in this world HATE YOU! They are not looking out for your best interest to say the least!

    • roxy munoz says:

      What do you mean “another” and what does a ” caravan” from south America have to do with coronavirus? Can you explain?

  • Mary Nazario says:

    There is hope

  • Yr Ysf says:

    So the name of this drug is Hydroxychloroquin ?

  • Go Dice says:

    One person died doing something stupidly and that is news??

    • Gina Farrell says:

      Those people didn’t even have any symptoms, What they took was not the prescribed medication. How Dare they blame President Trump for what these foolish people did.

    • AcousticTheory says:

      The Darwin Award recipient that drank “chloroquine” – as the media reports it – drank “Chloroquine Phosphate”, which is used for infection control in fish tanks, not “Hydroxychloroquine” which is what this drug is. Slightly different name, very different chemical and purpose. I’ll leave it to posterity to argue whether the media itself is criminally insane enough to try to discredit Trump even if it delays therapy for COVID19 patients, or just doing the PR work of Big Pharma, their largest advertiser, to spread any amount of negative PR possible to create FUD around the identity of this drug so that Gilead can push Remdesivir (a different type of drug, an antiretroviral that is both new and very expensive, developed for Ebola but showing some effectiveness against COVID19) and soak the insurance companies of people while they fight not to die.

    • Lynette Sideris says:


    • H RALF says:

      Oh yeah, husband and wife use the wrong kind of the drug (fish tank cleaner) without any symptoms and He dies, she recovers. Sooo it’s naturally “Trumps fault”. No I think not. It’s their fault!!

  • Michelle Mccoy says:

    I have been on Hydroxycloroquine for years to treat my Lupus.

    • JTDesigns - Child Of God says:

      Jake Scott how do you know that?

    • shoshan ghoori says:

      Jake Scott that’s amazing news do you have any links with that info?

    • jedsownbrew says:

      @Mr. Khan Hydroxychloroquine has less side effects. If you want good reports on this go and see MedCram here on youtube. The Doctor there was on this weeks ago. He has very good explanations of how the body and cells work. you will understand better. And i have been taking this medicine for five years every day. It is also used for Rheumatoid arthritis , I have had no side effects so far. I also get my eyes tested every six months.

    • Mr. Khan says:

      @jedsownbrew thank you brother

    • Kelly G. says:

      @Jake Scott you have no idea. The patients who are dying are elderly and have preexisting conditions. Lupus is a preexisting condition.

  • Gerardine Cizmar says:

    One thing people need to do is continue to stay home. Don’t be foolish just because we have a promising treatment. Have patience.

  • Dollars & Scents says:

    “You go to war with the army you have..” thank y’all for trying to beat this thing for us. Keep up the good work!

  • Dicas de Gold says:

    Thank you Dr Oz, you are doing a great job for all the World!! The humanity thank you, !!! Mauricio M Correa Marilia – sp Brasil 🇧🇷!

  • mike heath says:

    God bless the doctors and nurses who are working around the clock trying to save lives!!

  • Sarah Brown says:

    We just needed to hear the doctors talk!!!

  • UC FITNESS says:

    Even if there will be a new vaccine, the chinese will continue their animal slaughter and carry on eating them, they will bring new and potentially deadlier viruses in the future.

  • William Babe says:

    Yet it is reported that the Governor of Nevada has actually banned the use of the drug !

  • njeri karuri says:

    ‘You go to war with the army you have “. I like it.

  • Andi in Texas says:

    Alot of those doctors are prescribing it to their own friends and family before patients. 😒

  • Uchiba Uki says:

    Tell doctor Fauci because he’s not sure if that’s really work!

  • Bethlehem Befirdu says:

    Jesus is a light in the darkness 🙏❤🇺🇸 believing hem end of this month is gone ✌❤👍

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