U.S. Doctor Shares New Results Of How Covid-19 Patients Are Doing On Hydroxychloroquine

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U.S. Doctor Shares New Results Of How Covid-19 Patients Are Doing On Hydroxychloroquine

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  • digi dan says:

    There’s plenty of the drug and it’s side effects are so few and mild… why are the doctor’s acting so stupid about using it? Everyone testing positive for the virus should be given the option of taking it EARLY… rather than too late.

    • Kelly G. says:

      As someone who has taken HCQ for over 25 years for Lupus, there certainly are side effects. A doctor has to weigh the possible side effects against how serious their illness is. It can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss or gain, color blindness, loss of appetite, hair loss, skin rash, etc. Some people cannot tolerate the drug at all. And those side effects are not rare at all.
      So if you have Covid-19 and your symptoms are mild, you’re better off isolating and getting better on your own. However, if you’re elderly, have a preexisting condition or have more serious symptoms, this might be a good option to try.

    • Secret Weapon ! says:

      If you give it to everyone, we will quickly run out. We have to give it first to those who need it most. Production has to be increased before everyone can get it.

    • BassMan Strikes says:

      @Vicky thecat you cannot get it without a prescription so the hoarders are doctors.

    • Thunder Life says:

      It’s the inefficiency of our pharmaceutical usage systems. Many treatments and medications exist that are not legal in the US for a variety if diseases but yet have proof of being effective but aren’t qualified by the FDA

  • fernando camacho says:

    My aunt was almost near death.. the hosp gave her the pill and in 24hrs she was so much better.. i guess everyone body reacts diff to the pill..

  • Joe Russo says:

    Please heal the sick, and get us back to work!

  • Truth Seeker says:

    They should add zinc to the protocol, that will improve the results even more. Hydroxychloroquine inserts zinc into the cell, stopping the replication of the virus.


      @Martin Tran “It’s a fact that Hydroxychloroquine works as @Truth Seeker commented, with zinc. Neither component works on its own…” Not true! Both work as antivirals independently of each other. BUT, they work better together AND at a lower dose. “If a patient is zinc-deficient then taking HCQ won’t help!” Yes it will. “Doctors need to understand this fact.” We do. As a class quinines have been used effectively to treat infections since the 19th Century. And quinines were used extensively from 1917 to 1921 to treat that Pandemic of influenza caused by a virus. As for zinc, we know that zinc deficiency especially with viral infections can lead to heart, lung and kidney failure. “That’s why some outcomes are not positive and other doctors point to it saying that HCQ doesn’t work.” Not true! Those saying the quinines don’t work are misinterpreting the studies, the data, and the conclusions. It makes me wonder if they’ve even read the studies or studied statistics. “They should be informed of how this drug works.” We study it in medical school AND Dr Oz isn’t quite correct in his info regarding the mechanism of action of the quinines. In fact many of us have established our own treatment and prophylactic protocols based on our knowledge of pharmacology and virology. And, guess what? They work beautifully! Even some microbiologists who were exposed to COVID 19 were impressed by the results and now use quinines as a prophylactic. As for zinc, they also play a role in modulating blood pressure and might be useful when used with ARBs (a family of blood pressure lowering medicines) in ACE2 to block COVID 19 viruses. On another youtube channel, I asked this from a Dr Sunjay Gupta of York Cardiology but he never gave me an answer. So yes, we do know about Zinc and Quinines AND most will use them on ourselves and family BUT some won’t use them on patients UNTIL our academic betters give the OK and that won’t be for another year or two at the present rate.

    • kara dizon says:

      Truth Seeker I heard zinc works too.

    • jeffmack57 says:

      Martin Tran Everybody knows about. Old news.

    • Qabileghor says:

      @Martin Tran You may be right. Somedays I skip. They say that’s actually better than taking Viramins everyday. My wife believes in inhaling steam to kill viruses. She boils water, put some cinnamon sticks and cloves and makes me inhale steam for a minute everytime I come home from outside these days. But I had an unusual dream last week. In my dream I was earnestly praying for a cure for Coronavirus. Them I saw what they call Betel Leaf and little Catechu on it. They are typically eaten by many Indians and Pakistanis with other sweet ingredients after a meal, and I had one when I was a kid. When I woke up, I looked on the Internet and it seems that both Betel Leaf and Catechu have good medicinal properties. I went to an Indian store and bought both. But since I have an ulcer, they didn’t go well with my stomach. But maybe they will work for other people. You can also buy a Betel Leaf plant and Catchu capsules online. So, if anyone is desperate, it doesn’t hurt to try or to do own research 🙂

    • MrPantera123456 says:

      So you think you know this and the best doctors in the world don’t? Are you that stupid? lol

  • Tricia Ann says:

    Somewhere I read a study that it also stop the contagious period as well. Meaning as soon as it’s in the system it stop spread to others. Which is great news if it’s TRUE of course!

  • Kara Sparrow says:

    Dr.Oz should talk about Avigan too. There are impressive results coming out of Japan from this drug.

  • genxer711 says:

    4:21 “If you treat them early, they tend to get better faster” If this med combination is working early in the disease, then why are doctors and hospitals turning you away and telling you to quarantine at home without prescribing any medications until shortness of breath symptoms develop? at this point may be too late

  • REBEL-DZ says:

    60 patients are actually being treated with a tri-therapy based on Chloroquine in Beni Messous University Hospital in Algiers, all 60 patients are doing well and out of danger.

  • Nick Kailash says:

    @doctoroz Hydroxychloroquine is only a means to deliver zinc sulphate through the cell membrane. Zinc Sulphate kills the virus. Azithromycin helps with preventing any potential bacterial infections. This is what Dr. Zelenko used to treat 700 patients successfully in NY. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 2x daily, Azithromycin 500mg 1x daily, Zinc Sulfate 220mg 1x daily.
    Dr. Zelenko said there is 100% recovery rate with normal breathing restored within 3-4 hours and no intubation. Dr. Zelenko is one of the doctors in front line of New York City treating COVID-19 patients with anti-malaria drugs.

  • G M says:

    We take all kind of drugs with deadly side effects. Media makeing a big deal becuse trump mentioned it.

  • seanscoil says:

    Please don’t forget to add Zinc.
    The zinc is what actually hits the virus.

    • George Odhiambo says:

      @KNIGHT RIDER That will provide the zinc but the zinc on it’s own does not penetrate the cell membrane so it stays outside the cell, regardless of whether the zinc came from spinach or z-pac. Add hydroxychlorine and the zinc, in the INTERCELLULAR fluid finds it’s way into the cells to stop the replication of the virus which takes place inside the cells

    • ryan booke says:

      This is false.

    • KNIGHT RIDER says:

      @George Odhiambo it’s good too know that there are educated people giving accurate info about this situation. Thanks again…

    • O Malley says:

      @Heby and that shows you just how evil and pathetic they are that they are actually begging for 5 million people that died just so they can win an election.

      We can all disagree and have a different vision on how to govern the country, but the biggest problem is just how pathetic and corrupt the Democratic candidates are, and just how pure evil and insane leftists are.

      They act like they have a better plan to better take care of the country and the planet like they are better humanitarians yet they are so vile and so hateful it’s just amazing the level of their lunacy. I guarantee you there are millions of leftist out there hoping a lot of people die just so Joe Biden or whoever can get elected. I bet you they would cheer it on. And this is something that Europeans don’t get they think our Democrats are the same type of people as the French socialists or the people in Denmark because their candidates pretend that they want to govern that way.

      They don’t realize our people on the left are absolute f***ing lunatics. not that I’m naive to the fact that Europe has plenty of their own leftist lunatics.

    • John Sabp says:

      James D Spader F thats isn’t how it is helping.
      It is well known many drugs modulate the immune system.

  • Joe Sanchez II says:

    Why believe anything that’s coming out of China?

  • Jim K says:

    I ordered mine without a prescription a month ago. It was easy to get then (May have changed now)…
    I also have zinc lozenges (found locally).

    Interestingly, my cat recently had an upper respiratory infection and a call had to be made to his veterinarian. He was prescribed Azithromycin of all things!

    I guess we will be alright.

    • Michael Morales says:

      My mom is on this medication, but it has to be monitored by a dr. , she’s doing great. Just be careful taking this medication, it can harm you if you take it the wrong way

  • Sam says:

    They need to add zinc with the hydroxychloroquine

    • MrPantera123456 says:

      Sam really doc? Well if you know something the best doctors in the world don’t know you should get off your couch in your basement and make that fact known.

  • Sister Liberty says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz.
    All “We the People” ask for is “Truth.” GOD bless USA. Amen!

  • Candice Sacks says:

    People are dying give them the drugs!!!

  • mopthermopther says:

    Chloroquine is the answer !
    It is saving lives in other countries!

  • Ronald Kulas says:

    I get a real kick out of hearing physicians and even Fauci saying we need to “think outside of the box.” Yet, when it comes to giving HCQ for Covid, many physicians and Fauci retreat into the “box”. Go figure. If the drug had never been tested, I could understand; but this drug has been around for 70 years.

  • jimellenw says:

    We don’t need ventilators (only a 14% survival rate) we need more of these drugs. Test +ve then treat ASAP.

  • A G says:

    “if we treat them early they tend to get better faster.”

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