True Crime : Inside The Mind’s Of America’s Most Horrifying Serial Killers

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True Crime : Inside The Mind's Of America's Most Horrifying Serial Killers

Dr Oz analyze the Mind's of some of the most horrifying serial killers like Donald Harvey

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  • MJ Saudino says:

    1st – I love true crimes, especially the podcasts!

  • FitChickGlows says:

    This topic is so fascinating as I’ve always wanted to know what drives these Serial Killers and the many layers of their psychopathy and narcissism. One question I have is why do they want to hurt others so much? What drives their sadism? I understand they may not have a concience or empathy like others BUT they obviously have feelings otherwise they wouldn’t enjoy hurting others so much and an insatiable compulsive lust for it. But they do. So they DO have feelings. And I feel they do understand in some way that what they do is wrong otherwise they wouldn’t gain so much enjoyment out of it either. But not just the sense of wrong that leads to changes in behaviours that others may have. But still I’m curious as to what drives these compulsions, etc. It would be wonderful to know which Episode this is from so that I can watch the full episode on my On Demand TV now that you’ve tickled my interest. Lol! Thanks so much for your help. I love your show, Dr. Oz! Truly life changing and informative! A Master Class per show! Thank you!! 😊💕

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