Total Health Take Back – PART 1

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Total Health Take Back – PART 1

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  • nurys carela says:


  • SKPjoe Coursegold says:

    sugar is the enemy.

  • Deborah Phelps says:

    Stop all sugar & carbs asap! Look in to Dr. Fung! If you take minimal precautions then you will enjoy minimal benefits. Pasta? Bread? Beans? You’ll take forever getting better!

  • Bev Sivert says:

    Yes . Waiting to have elective surgery!
    In pain and bed ridden until the surgery is done. What about that health issue????

    • Enchanting Elements says:

      I feel your pain. I suffer from advanced Multiple Sclerosis & Severe Anemia…unable to receive the medical care needed due to Covid 19 .. Suffering and declining more each day.

  • Elizabeth Hester says:

    I will go when I find a place where their is no people.

  • Enchanting Elements says:

    Dr. Oz can you dedicate an episode to those suffering from Progressive Multiple Sclerosis who are unable to obtain medical care due to the virus. Any truth to Elderberry, Zinc, colodial silver a treatment ?

  • Lara Smith says:

    🦋I’ve never drank when I eat and I swear it helps maintain your body weight. Battling multiple sclerosis I’ve found lavender essential oil helps anxiety

  • Elizabeth Hester says:

    i wanted to watch the other shows that flower your

  • Lori Guerrero says:

    Maybe you didn’t know but look and do some research into becoming vegan… It can reverse type two diabetes among another bunch of different diseases including heart disease! Please please please look into it do some research it could save your life

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