Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Coronavirus Patients And Took Her Own Life

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Top E.R. Doctor Who Treated Coronavirus Patients And Took Her Own Life

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  • Jamie Pete says:

    My Condolences… May God have Mercy on her soul. Jesus please her us!!!

  • Monique Pope says:

    Terrible news these Dr’s and nurses are really overwhelmed by the pandemic and all the losses of people. They are doing the best they can unfortunatly they can’t safe everyone. This is just so sad. My condolences to this family. πŸ˜”β€

    • World Traveler says:

      I work in the profession (intensive care). It’s stressful as it is, but now especially to have to worry about the possibility of contracting the disease AND spreading to our families. It’s important to talk to people about your feelings. At the hospital where I practice, we also have people going to our departments to pray with us.

  • Gail Ousley says:

    This is so very sad…my sincerest condolences to this family…

  • Shasha8674 says:

    She died from antidepression drugs? after family forced her into the hospital for her sadness. 22 Vets a day due suicide due to this medicine? Antidepression medicine has Fluorine that blocks thyroid which lowers oxygen in the brain/body which causes worse depression/anxiety/obsessing/no sleep/panic/suicidal thoughts.

  • MatchMedicines says:

    What a terrible story. Hope is something we should all look into at the moment.

  • North of the Rio Grande says:

    Government is interfering with doctors and nurses ability to treat patients. The regulations imposed put patients and healthcare workers at risk.

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Infections may cause swelling/inflammation/ which may lower oxygen in the brain and may affect mitochondria lowering oxygen. Lungs issues can lower oxygen. Blood affected. Plaquenil may have helped the blood and Zn/antibiotic. PTSD can be due to burned out adrenals/low progesterone. Stress lowers Zn/B vitamins and progesterone. Vit C/Zn/Mg/fish oil/Vit A/onions/garlic/mushrooms/Vit D3/sunlight/herbs may help.

  • Angela Snyder says:

    That’s very sad πŸ’”

  • Shasha8674 says:

    Yes…all are feeling the pain from this death. God bless all!

  • Jaspreet Singh says:

    you suddenly get silent about Hydroxychloroquine . seems like someone forced you to not speak about it anymore.

    • Anxious Aussie says:

      must be the reason he stopped talking about just letting every who might die die by just letting it move uncontrolled through the community …

    • Jennifer Figueroa says:

      Mostly everyone forced him.

    • Ydely Suarez says:

      The way the media has demonized this treatment is unbelievable. I have RA and was Prescribed Hydroxychloroquine and I’ve had more side effects with Motrin than this medicine. It was Prescribed to me specially because of COVID-19, to keep my Inflammation Under control as this virus is a respiratory infection due to inflammation in the lungs. The media is lying about this medicine and they’ll have blood on their hands.

    • Michael Mc mullen says:

      How about she was about to expose the corruption and was stopped.

  • Cori Eddings says:

    Dr Oz, I have been wondering, when I where a facemask I can’t breath and I know I am not getting the oxigen I need but I only where it when I am around people, could this be a damaging thing for anyone in the situation where they have to wear it all day long everyday?


    I’ve done Customer Service work for Years! I ABSOLUTELY love helping people & making them smile! I can only imagine what she was feeling B4 she took her life! Not being able to help so many people! This will Forever change our Health Care System! Also will have Long lasting effects on those on the Front Lines! Smh My Condolences to her & family!

  • Eva Elizares says:

    Deepest condolences and prayers to her family.

  • Jennifer Figueroa says:

    Let’s be honest, she’s been Epsteined.

  • NYCthicknessbaby Martinez says:


  • NYCthicknessbaby Martinez says:

    This is a heartbreaking story πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  • G V says:

    More research needs to be done on the CNS aspects of CV. Retired researcher, Dr Kevin McCairn, has been investigating this aspect of CV and has some initial hypotheses based on the available research data and his 20 years of leading Tourettes Syndrome primate studies at Kyoto University in Japan. He has identified symptoms of Basal Ganglia intrusion and other features. He is the 1st doctor to sound the alarm about the CNS aspects of CV.

    He can be reached at

  • Roberto JJ says:

    My brother is a nurse. He sometimes works 2 days straight without sleeping. Sometimes I hear him crying.
    It must be tough seeing people pass away everyday πŸ˜•

  • eveasyful says:

    You made a strong woman Sir my respect.

  • Crystal Sterling says:

    πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” prayers for her family!!! πŸ™β€οΈπŸ¦‹

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